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TexasDice takes the lolitrains bet! #lolipocalypse #permabanpls

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Ever since Sekai Project acquired the license for Maitetsu, there has been discussion, speculation and hope among the internet; "Sekai Project, will there be an 18+ version?". "Sekai Project, where is the adult version?". "Sekai Project, will we receive those hardcopies on time this go around?" and so on.

But I - as well as many others - highly doubt that this will happen. Therefore, I am quite confident to announce the following bet:


IF Sekai Project (not a fanbased translation group) confirms a full1 18+ version of Maitetsu at any point between now and the official release, I will change my current Avatar to one voted by community2.

This is the one time chance for the community to break my status as an eternal user, who has not once changed his avatar.  T1QakbL.png

However, should I win the bet, everyone who bet against me will have to wear the TexasDice avatar for 1 week.


Further rules:

1Full means no content is left out. A partial adult release will not count.

- 2Every User who bets against me, will add one week to my punishment, should I lose. (example: Should three people bet against me and win, I'll wear the punishment avatar for 3 weeks.)

- In case of my loss, I'll gather suggestions for my punishment-avatar and let you decide which one to wear via Strawpoll. The suggestions can't break any Forum rules, keep that in mind.

- Bets given after I lost obviously won't add to the punishment time.

- [Placeholder for future Questions/clarification]


Good gambling everyone.  T1QakbL.png











Fred the Barber



The Kira*Kira avoiding fraud formerly known as Eclipsed



john 'mr. mormon' smith





EDIT: The Sign Up period is over, FUTHER SUBMISSIONS WILL BE INGORED - Texas Dice August 2nd 2016 

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You know what, I said I wouldn't in the chat but ... fuck it.

I'm in.

I seriously doubt they will release a full patch, but I really want to put something hilarious as your avatar... :holo:

Please SP! Make it happen! (It's never going to happen, is it? :vinty: I am so going to end up with that fucking dice as my avatar ... :vinty: )

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