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A Little Lily Princess Review Discussion


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14 hours ago, Rooke said:

Nice review! I hadn't realised Hanabira/HanakoGames was making this.

I'm a fan of this sort of stuff (sims/RPGs with story,) so I'll definitely be giving this a go when I'm free. 

Yeah, same company, but they brand games/VNs that don't have complete original content under Hanabira. They seem to have a decent catalog. There's one that's been sitting on my Steam wishlist for awhile now. Probably get to it quicker after reading this one.

14 hours ago, Eclipsed said:

This looks cute as hell, and hoh' boy, a full 5 stars huh :sachi: 

It's cute, but I should also point out that the story does get depressing as hell for awhile. If you've read the book (it's been ages since I've read it) you'll probably understand. But yeah - it's a really well put-together VN/game. The only real fault I can think of technically is that the schedule/resource building could be a little tighter, but it wasn't nearly enough to warrant docking anything.

Thanks for reading my review everyone. :sachi:

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