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How to Play Phantom of Inferno


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Mad that you attempted to play this game but you were put off by a few things!?

Mad cuz there is not one media player which has all the neccessary functions?

Mad that sub titles aren't appearing/synching properly with certain media players?

Mad that theres no optimal playback forcing you to read over everything again?



So i pretty much found a website where someone had actually explained how to play Phantom of Inferno without any major problems however its so god damn hard to find on google without spoiling yourself you would have to literally dedicate yourself to find answers (unless you stared through the same scenes over again in which case i am no masochist).

So pretty much i simplifyed his guide through my own testings despite the fact that its not even complicated any who and that i am no expert with codecs and such but things just make sense when you put it together.

Those "Mad" sentences i put at the top are typically the common problems you will find if you try and play the game straight off the bat. MPC player allowed playback but failed to show the sub titles throughout the whole DVD. Any Power DVD software synchronises the subtitles properly but unfortunately the playback seems to be somewhat crappy and unreponsive. And because the game itself is a DVD you realistically don't want to wait trying to get another ending especially because there ARE choice texts in this game. SO WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT IT!?

We are simply going to put the two together! It's very simple. We are going to steal Power DVD codecs, add them to MPC player and BOOM! You got yourself PLAYBACK and SUB TITLES!

You can use these pictures as a guideline http://imgur.com/a/sojxw

Step 1

You need to install the following:

  • MPC-HC 32-Bit
  • Power DVD 9

MPC player must be 32-Bit and at all times when playing because Power DVD 9 is a 32-Bit program (Meaning that the codecs we are going to be using will only go through as 32-Bit Duhhh). The good news is that you don't have to pay for anything apart from the game from wherever the hell you got it. You can download both of these programs from legitimate sites which i will put below.



You can go through the installation like any other program. Just watch out for any Ads and just leave everything as default. You can even try and play the game in Power DVD 9 and see that there is no playback availability and on MPC the sub titles are not synched correctly. Power DVD 9 is a trial and that is perfectly fine as we don't even need to use it. We just need the files on our PC thats all.

Step 2

We are nearly there now. On this step we need to simply place some codecs on our external filter so...

Open up MPC-HC and go to VIEW > OPTIONS.


On this section locate the following and press okay.

  • CyberLink Video/SP Decoder (PDVD9)
  • Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Decoder
  • MPC - MPEG-2 Video Decoder (Gabest)

If you are unable to find the last two (Microsoft and MPC) then don't worry about it because on my PC i only had Cyberlink. If you do have them make sure you select it as worded above (On his guide he had those so i put here just to be safe than sorry).

Do the following for each one.

  • CyberLink Video/SP Decoder (PDVD9) - PREFER
  • Microsoft MPEG-2 Video Decoder - BLOCK
  • MPC - MPEG-2 Video Decoder (Gabest) - BLOCK

Apply it and now open Phantom of Inferno by whatever method you are using. I have an image file of the game and i mounted it using Daemon Tools Lite. Most likely you will select FILE > OPEN DISC > PHANTOMDVD.

When the DVD loads right click any space, FILTERS > CyberLink Video/SP Decoder (PDVD9).

In the window look for Miscellaneous and UNCHECK DxVA.

Apply it, close down your MPC player and get ready for the next section as it gets a bit more complicated from here.

Step 3

Open MPC-HC and open up Phantom of Inferno.



You can now play this game with synchronised sub titles and the ability to slide through the time bar and use playback settings.

What you should know!?

  • You probably won't touch the playback until you get your first ending so don't even bother fiddling around with it until then.
  • Create favourites as a save point instead of the Password system (unless you want to play super casual). You can name them to help you get through. If you saved a favourite half way in a scene and return to it, it may go black and only audio will be present. To fix this simply remember the time it was on and roll it back to the beginning of that scene (this causes it to refresh) and now drag it back to the time you was on. Note that you can't abuse the play back because... Im not too sure why, just treat the slider gently and if you mess up just refresh the chapter by dragging it back to 00:00. This happened quite a lot to me. It gets pretty finicky on scenes that are like 20-30 minutes long so you have to be patient if you are trying to get to a certain time. 
  • If you are using MPC-HC for other media files and you feel that its causing problems to it just remove the items in the filter. Or you could just use your 64-Bit MPC-HC.
  • I don't think this just applies to Phantom of Inferno but for any other interactive DVD game which has common problems like this. It's worth keeping hold of it!
  • Don't you dare touch the navigation and select chapters. The favourites cover this for you if you are using them. If you end up using navigation you could potentially spoil yourself and enter another route.
  • Mess around with the Video Frame settings to your preference.

Hope this guide helped you out. I finished this yesterday and i absolutely loved it. I don't want anyone to go through the trouble of not playing the game because of media players and other bullshit.

If there are any problems please let me know i will try my best and help you but as i said i'm no expert about these things. If there is someone else who could help explain things that would be great!

May be editing this randomly or when i'm bored.




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