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Magical Eyes - Red is for Anguish. How good is it.

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1 hour ago, castor212 said:

In general, how would you rate this VN? Average, below or above average? If compared to the likes of xxx (insert any story based VN here, preferably english ones), how would it fare?

I'll quote my thoughts from another thread about the title just for you. :rolleyes:


I gave Magical Eyes a try yesterday, and I'm not exactly sure how to express my feelings about it. I guess Hägar nails it best with this one:


Okay, that was a lot worse than expected, but I start with the good points: I still like the cover image and the intro at the start also wasn't so bad.

Now to the not so great stuff:

First, the fullscreen mode is buggy, only showing part of the screen because the image is zoomed in for some reason, and I therefore had to use window mode. The next thing is that the title only uses computer rendered backgrounds for everything, that look like they were directly taken from a street racing game of the ninties. It just looks incredibly artificial and sterile. The sprites are better but they are still rather cheaply made and don't fit to the backgrounds at all.

The story could have been interesting with some ancient beings possessing human bodies. Unfortunately the actual setting is as bland as it gets with the protagonist being a school boy (how innovative!!!) helping out his detective friend with murder cases. And naturally, he also has a female friend at school responsible for the romance part of the story.

The story itself is presented in tiny little breadcrumps as you are clicking yourself through a map with various locations to visit. The dialogs there are rather short and generic and accompanied by some rather uninspired music tracks that most certainly weren't particular helpful in creating a dark and suspenseful mood. In addition the POV constantly swaps between the protagonist and his (girl-) friend. And the final nail in the coffin for me was that the hot chick on the cover actually seems to be a drag queen. :wafuu:

Overall, maybe there is still some hidden gem buried under all the rubbish, but I certainly won't be the guy to find that out. Everything about it just screams cheaply made OELVN. Simply no comparison to ambitious doujin titles like the Fault Milestone series.


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