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Mahou Shoujo Translation Project

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On 2016-10-31 at 5:45 PM, littleshogun said:

Long time no see the update here, so I kind of thought that it'll be stalled there. And then apparently I was wrong here. Since I didn't said it, I will said good luck to your project there, and hope it'll be successful.

Thanks, your support means a lot! Hah, I think that's a pretty natural response. There were some slow months and there was a lot of in-between work, like figuring out procedure and conventions, that doesn't directly translate into progress. Most of that's been sorted out now, which is nice. Can't guarantee the project will go all the way, but atm there's nothing stopping it.

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Happy Holidays everyone! Chapter 9 translation's finished. This marks (the TL progress) being half-way to the first patch release at 17 chapters. I checked, it's about 4450 lines translated with the whole game being about 20000 lines.

Seeing as this project was started in March of this year, I hope to have the first patch by August or September next year. Honestly I'm just dying to polish stuff up and share it with people.

I also might be looking for an editor/QC'er. The text is almost completely dialogue, and while it has some sci-fi-like supernatural, is pretty character-centric.

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