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キツネと私 vol.2 - Kitsune and me Vol.2 - Yuri light novel -

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Information about the book:


Kitsune and me is a yuri light novel like story I have been working on since December of 2015. It started as a silly and goofy idea that was supposed to last for 30-40 pages. But, after completely falling in love with the characters and their universe, I ended up continuing the story, and here we are, 46k words and 140 pages later. The story offer elements of romance (yuri), fantasy, action and comedy. The core story is about the human girl, Sakura, and her guardian fox spirit, Kitsune, and their life together. 


Kitsune and me Vol.2 is going to be the second and last book in the series, and will offer another 12 chapters, as well as an epilogue. The story will follow after the events of the first one. For those who have not yet read the first book, you can find it here:


Free PDF download!

 The thread:



Vol .2 Summary:

"It has been seven months since the portals connecting the kitsune and human worlds were broken. Kitsune and Sakura have started a new, peaceful life together, leaving their past troubles behind.

But something is coming … How long will their days of peace last?

An old, broken promise comes back to haunt Kitsune.

An old and long forgotten curse once again reawakens...

Hatred, anger, revenge…Light and darkness.

A shadow envelops Sakura and Kitsune’s life, and nothing will ever be the same again...




Just like the first volume, the chapters will be released as I finish them. Below is a list of the chapters, and info on when their status.

(The chapters will be released in a PDF format, similar to the first book.)

Also, as it did cause some confusion in the first book, I will be writing Kitsune's name and the name of the kitsune species as a whole slightly differently, so it is easier to tell them apart. Kitsune's name will obviously always be capitilized, but it will never be in italics. The kitsune people will never be capitilized unless it's the first word in a sentence, and it will always be in italics. 

In addition, Japanese words that gets a translation in the translation document will be marked with a * in the book.





Prologue (Released!) 

Chapter 1: A New Contract?! (Released!) 

Chapter 2: Escaping The Dream (Released!) 

Chapter 3: Creating The Dream (Finished, unedited) 

Chapter 4: In The Beginning (Being Written!) 

Chapter 5: The Hunt Begins (TBA)

Chapter 6: (Yami / Darkness) (TBA)

Chapter 7: (Hikari / Light) (TBA)

Chapter 8: ハナ (Hana) (TBA) 

Chapter 9: Beginning Of The End (TBA)

Chapter 10: The Curse Of The Queen (TBA)

Chapter 11: All That We Lost (TBA)

Chapter 12: All That We Gained (TBA)

Epilogue: (TBA)




Kitsune and me vol.2

Link to the currently released chapters!



Introduction to the characters:




(キツネ耳子) Kitsune Mimiko


The energic, clumsy and playful kitsune who made a contract with the human girl, Sakura, after being rescued from an old curse, which trapped her in a jade statue. Kitsune is several hundred years old. She has spent many of those years training and learning in the kitsune society, though she has never been very good at studying or a very diligent fighter.  She possesses special powers, inherited from her parents, but she isn’t the best at using them, and doesn't like conflict. Because of these things, she refused to take over her mother's seat as The All-Seeing Queen, and escaped permanently to the human world. She loves Sakura more than anything else in the world, and will do what she has to in order to protect her.

Kitsune has very long white hair that reaches all the way to her ankles, silver eyes, white fur and five tails. She is often seen wearing a standard shrine maiden dress. She is rather tall, over 1.70 cm, and is breathtakingly beautiful.


A sketch of Kitsune:



(桜橘) Sakura Tachibana


Ever since she accidentally saved Kitsune from the shrine, Sakura's life changed drastically. Before, she was a fairly normal schoolgirl, diligently doing her homework and hanging out with her friends. But when the beautiful Kitsune suddenly fell into Sakura's life, everything changed. She fell in love, and was pulled into a fantasy world.

Sakura has chestnut brown hair that reaches down to her lower back when it's not tied up in a ponytail, and she is about 1.62 cm tall. She usually ties up her hair, and has never really bothered much with style, clothes and the likes. Most of her clothes are actually rather stylish though, as they are hand-downs from her big sister, Kanako.


(ハナ) Hana


A disciple of the queen, and Kizu’s old friend and underling. She looked up to Kizu more than anyone in the world, and once she learned that Kizu would betray the queen and run away to the human world, she swore she would get revenge at Kitsune and Sakura, who she held responsible. She hates humans, though since she spent a good amount of time in the human world, she is very accustomed to it. Hana would give her life to fight for the queen, and is a very skilled close combat fighter, prefering to fight with kunai knives or similar short blades.


She has green eyes and two long tails, which she has always been self-conscious about. How many tails you have is a form of status in the kitsune world, and her two tails makes her feel weak, despite her combat abilities being incredible.

Her fur is brown, and she is about the same height as Sakura.


(光) Hikari


Hundreds of years ago, an ancient curse gave birth to two twins. These twins were opposites, like night and day.

They were found by a young kitsune, abandoned in the forest, and were brought back to her home, raised as her own children. 


With yellow eyes, shining brightly as the stars themselves, Hikari was the timid and wise sister. She excelled at academics, and was a sweet girl who wished for nothing but peace. She would not hurt anyone unless it was absolutely necessary, and was looked at as the perfect daughter every mother wished for.


With beautiful blonde hair and a white frilly dress, she was the embodiment of a fair and beautiful maiden. But the curse which created the sisters still festered deep in her heart. Dark emotions and corrupted thoughts sometimes peeked through the veil, making Hikari fear she would one day give in to the darkness. Because of this, Hikari spent her days keeping away from civilization, living alone in a small hut, far away from the towns and villages in the kitsune world.

But something has changed... Something has pulled the cursed child out from her hiding. A long forgotten promise echoes in her mind, and drives her. She is looking for something, and will stop at nothing to find it...


(闇) Yami


Yami was different from her twin sister. She had red eyes and black hair, and wore a torn up dress made out of dark fabric. She refused to wear any of the nice and expensive frilly clothes that her mother and Hikari wore. Her personality was the opposite of her sister. She cared not for studying, and liked the idea of fighting. Craving war, she left home at a young age and sought out battle as a mercenary. During this age, the kitsune were caught in a long conflict, and Yami joined in the battle. Never once did she suffer defeat, and her amazing strength and perseverance on the battlefield surprised many.


But after the war ended, Yami left the kitsune realm. She did not want to live in a peaceful world, and wanted to find war and chaos somewhere else. She was not seen again .... That is.... Until recently. Something is calling for Yami as well. A bloodlust unlike any she has ever felt before, calls for her.....



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3 minutes ago, AaronIsCrunchy said:

This pleases me. Good to see you made the Kitsune/kitsune amendment too, that should help.

Do you have an idea of what kinda time the first chapter will be coming out? :sachi:

Most of chapter 1 is already done, so it should hopefully be released within a week or so.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Bit of an update, I'm not dead! I am writing chapter 2, but since the past month has been nothing but exams and tests, I haven't had too much time to write. My final exam is this week, so after that I will have plenty of time to write.


Also, Forgetful Frank is working hard on Vol.1, editing the whole thing, and he is making some good progress. It should be done in not too long! He also made some seriously cool covers for both book 1 and 2, which I will be using for the books. (Will be adding that to the edited version of vol.1, and to the next edition of vol.2, once a new chapter is done.) 


I have also decided on the title for the second book, which is: Kitsune and me, the curse of the queen. (キツネと私: 女王の呪い)

Anyways, there is a lot more of Kitsune and Sakura to come, so just wait a bit more until my exams are over, and I'll get back to writing regularly again. :sachi: 

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Kitsune and Me vol.1 is now completely edited, and 100% finished!

This link now has the new, completed version! (With the awesome cover made by @Forgetful Frank, who was the person who edited the book. Thanks x1000!)

(The cover)



I am done with my exams, and will once again resume my writing! Expect a lot more progress in the coming weeks!

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I'm so happy that it's finished! I just downloaded the completed PDF, and it looks beautiful. :kosame:

I haven't started reading Vol.2 yet, but I will soon! Editing Vol.1 made me a Kitsune fan. ^_^


If you haven't started Kitsune and Me yet, and you enjoy light-hearted stories with a little bit of a fantasy element to them (Kitsune being a fox-spirit) mixed with a sprinkle of yuri, now is the best time to start Vol.1!

It's been completely edited and proofread, so you should have quite the enjoyable reading experience. If there's any minor mistakes that somehow bypassed me, please let us know.

Enjoy Kitsune and Me! :sachi:

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 6 months later...

It has been a while since I wrote the last chapter on vol.2. I am not dead, and this book has been in the back of my mind the whole time. The reason I haven't written anything for so long is because university happened, and I just didn't have the time I used to.

Even though I was busy though, I should have tried to keep writing a little bit here and there to keep the chapters coming. I'm sorry for the long gap in updates. I'm planning on starting this up again, (have chapter 3 about 50% completed.) If anyone is interested, I'll make another update once the next chapter is done. If you want to be notified when a new chapter comes out, go ahead and follow the thread and you'll get a notification when I post the next chapter.

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  • 7 months later...
19 hours ago, Akimoto Masato said:

I can’t wait until this one is fully released!

Glad to hear that ^^


This has sadly not been updated in a while, since I have been pretty busy. I definitely do want to get back into writing again, but I honestly can't give any ETA for now, sadly.

Since I'm studying in Japan atm, I am extremely busy. But, I'll definitely try to write a bit if I do find some free time to do so.

I think chapter 3 was in editing? I'm not sure tbh. @AaronIsCrunchy Were you editing that? Been a while, so I forgot. :P


Anyways, I'll make another update whenever I make some more progress.

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4 minutes ago, Dergonu said:

Glad to hear that ^^


This has sadly not been updated in a while, since I have been pretty busy. I definitely do want to get back into writing again, but I honestly can't give any ETA for now, sadly.

Since I'm studying in Japan atm, I am extremely busy. But, I'll definitely try to write a bit if I do find some free time to do so.

I think chapter 3 was in editing? I'm not sure tbh. @AaronIsCrunchy Were you editing that? Been a while, so I forgot. :P


Anyways, I'll make another update whenever I make some more progress.

I know it hasn’t been updated, everyone has things they have to do before the fun things

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