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What is this image from?

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1 hour ago, Erogamer said:

Ya, not everyone has the time or is able to learn such a complex language.

It's not really that 'complex' as people make it. Once you start learning and get past the basics, which - in all honesty - do not involve anything except pure determination (and a bit of time to spare), it doesn't take that long before you'll be able to read all the simpler games and moege/charage with a bit of help. What's truly difficult in japanese is it's advanced grammar and massive vocabulary, which requires a tremendous effort through memorization - something, only very few adults are capable of.

When people try to describe the learning curve for japanese, it doesn't really look like a very step progressive. If anything, it's one hell of a bumpy road riddled with deep valleys and tall montains :makina:

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58 minutes ago, Deep Blue said:

lol that image xD those little feet :sacchan:


You know, I only looked at this thread because you mentioned the feet, and so I felt obligated to look at the image... and it's astonishingly well-drawn, really. I can see why the image is popular. Feet are very hard to draw. Mad props and other angry theatrical objects to the artist.

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