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Anime Studio Simulator


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Released. Can be found here : https://store.steampowered.com/app/508230/Anime_Studio_Simulator/



Anime Studio Simulator (Simulation / Management)

Well I decided to make a visual novel after playing around with Ren'py last month and also after reading up some of Diamonit's posts so here goes my first project!

Kickstarter Link

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Anime Studio Simulator is a visual novel with simulation elements in the game involving the player managing a team. Throughout the game, the player must battle deadlines, stress, motivation and other resources like budgets to make their own anime. (Inspired by Shirobako ofc)

The Story

Yukari recently graduated from high school just like any other teenagers did. However, she has other more important things to do; making ANIME! With her investment funds, she plans to turn her dream into reality.

Together with her friends, will Yukari make an unforgettable impression on the anime industry or collapse due to the pressure of directing her own anime series?




Role: Director

Yukari loves anime and dreams of directing her own anime series one day. Filled with a strong sense of passion, she wants to produce anime that will be deeply rooted in the hearts of anime fans.



Role: Sound Director

Mayumi is always lost in her own world of music even back when she was in school. Her interest in music stems from Vocaloid and she enjoys remixing and producing new sound tracks and uploading them on the Net.

Mayumi is a close friend of Yukari and has known each other for a long time.



Role: Character Artist

Yuuko is fascinated with drawing anime content and often spends her time online in Pixiv doodling sketches.

Yukari scouted out Yuuko as a character designer on the Net when she started putting forth her plan into motion.



Role: Background Artist

Sumiko is the younger sister of Yuuko. She enjoys bringing scenes to life and often collaborates with her sister.



Role: Writer

Shunnsuke used to be a member of the literature club and enjoys writing anime fan fictions. After noticing Yuuko’s plan, he approached Yuuko to join her team to be a writer.


Our website is over here


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