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Welcome to Fuwanovel and hope you had fun here. As for recommendation, well there's a lot if you ask me. But for starter I think the video below should help you.

As for new VN release, I think Dracu Riot, Root Double, Seinarukana, Tokyo Babel, and ToHeart 2 was good choice. Also Koichoco and Princess Evangile. Oh, actually there is another VN Recommendation thread here. And the recommendation in the video and the thread may overlap though. Hope all of those help.

PS - I would very heavily warn you that you better not asking where to download VN next time. Fuwanovel may used to host torrent, but right now it's no longer host it and I think you better search it for yourself instead of asking us here since it's forbidden to add any VN Download link in here right now.

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10 minutes ago, AaronIsCrunchy said:

Welcome aboard HMS Fuwanovel! :sacchan:7

I was halfway through finding that list before Derg's comment but yeah, that's basically the holy grail of 'getting started'. Higurashi, eden*, Sekien no Inganock and Grisaia are all pretty damn neat.

No one can ninja me! Nishishii ~


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Hello and welcome to Fuwa!

I'll say play :

Those are all I'll give for now, if you need or want more feel free to ask.

Best of luck and hope to see you around :sachi:


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Greetings and welcome the forums! I wish you'll have a enjoyable stay here! 

As a beginner when it comes to Visual Novels, I suggest playing Long Live The Queen, Hatoful Boyfriend and its sequel. These games are friendly when it comes to newcomers and it could be a basis whether you'll enjoy spending large amounts of time reading texts through playing these games or VNs. 

Also try picking up Steins Gate to get a real taste of what a real Japanese Visual Novel feels like since the ones I recommended are above Original English Language Visual Novels or OELVN which are not Japanese in origins and are only meant to entice people into playing into more VNs and the real stuffs. When all is said and done. You could start playing almost any Visual Novels regardless of genre you feel like playing or interested at. Just like My Girlfriend Is The President and School Days. Or Yumina The Ethereal for more gameplay  with RPG elements! 

Wish you have fun playing Visual Novels!:mare:

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