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Editing Giga Baldr Bullet .grp files (standing picture) and .scr files (script)

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Was trying to use Baldr Bullet Revellion images in Baldr Bullet https://vndb.org/v306

Apparently it doesn't end too well. I am curious though. In theory, it should be fixable by moving the faces back to where they should be. The images are stored in .grp files, anyone knows how to edit them? How do I repack the edited image as .grp? (just tested simply renaming the extracted bmp files (using CRASS) to .grp doesn't work, makes the game stop responding once the image is about to be shown)

There are also FACE_01.spr files under the same directry with the .grp files, CRASS extracts them too. I suspect they may have something to do with the .grp files but I have no idea.




The one below is SOLVED. 

2016/5/16 EDIT Actually NOT solved.

Another question is about editing .scr files. I was trying to change '未來' to 'future'. I failed few times and found that any change of length of the file would make the game stop responding, eg either add 'a' after '未來' or removed '來'. At the end, I can only change 未來 to 'futu' without inducing error.




Baldr Bullet Editing Test download, includes the .grp, .scr and .spr files


The CN files is in Big5, JP is in Shift JIS.

2016/5/25 finally figured out how to avoid errors, should actually be starting translating.

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