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Difference between Ef The First Tale and Ef The Fairy Tale of the Two

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I'd already answered this, but the difference is that ef first tale only covered first half or so from overall story while fairy tale of the two combined the first half and second half (latter tale). And if you wonder which version is the best, I would suggest just pick first tale and latter tale separately since the combined version managed to remove extra menu, while separate version still had extra menu intact. Oh, extra menu is the menu which you could see CG, listen BGM, and rewatch H-Scene after (Or sometimes during) finishing VN and actually this should be common feature for any VN.

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Also be aware, there's the fan translation that translated the combined version, and then the MangaGamer version which is only offered piecemeal. The MangaGamer version is a much superior version simply due to the improvements to the translation. 

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