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Most Helpful Kanji Dictionary?

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So I've been giving Kateikyoushi no Onee-san a go and am finding I am recognizing some Kanji thanks to Remember The Kanji 1, but not quite remembering how to read it.  I think it would be more helpful to learn how to read the kanji while learning these silly mental tricks instead of going back and forth.  So I'm going to edit together something that will use the RTK1 gimmick with how to actually read the kanji directly after it.

To do this I need something digital I can easily copy/paste from, meaning it has to be available in the Kindle store.  I was thinking about this one:


Is there a better dictionary to use to learn kanji that will have both readings in the same place?  Cost is a non-issue.  My only concern is how well it presents the information.

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Because I don't always study in front of the computer, and the Kindle DX is very particular when it comes to displaying Japanese text due to the whole double byte character thing.  If you try making your own document with Japanese text and make a .mobi out of it, you get garbled garbage.  If you use a commercial ebook, or copy/paste between commercial ebooks with an editor, you get something readable.  If I create the exact same code from scratch it doesn't work.  I don't have a logical explanation, but experience has taught me it is so.  

Besides, I want to have the RTK1 explanations immediately followed by the readings/definitions from the dictionary without going back and forth between two sources.  AFAIK this does not exist so my only option is to make it myself.

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