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This is my first time doing something like this. Though I am confident in my abilities, so i believe i can at least make a decent one.

This is gonna be really tough. I have to work on everything.


I haven't done much programming but this will be a good way to get experience.

The story is one of the things i'm good at so I wont need to worry much.

Music is also is a alright thing i can do. I can't create symphonies or anything but it's something lol.

Art ugh probably the most difficult thing ill be doing. I suck at it xD. Don't worry though i have an idea for that.


The only reason i'm even making this post is because i'm excited about this. It's gonna take a while but ill do it.

Right now i'm in the process of making the story. So i'll come again some other time with progress made on it.


That's it for now. Byee!

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Just now, Arcadeotic said:

Most OELVNs are made with RenPy, so it's able to do the things you'd want in a VN

Just don't be surprised if you can't make any fancy GFXs

GFXs? also i hate that term "OELVN"

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7 hours ago, Arcadeotic said:

Graphic special effects. Like those slashes and kicks in Majikoi.

Only those are made with RenPy, not that many Japanese ones

I like how you used Majikoi as an example, but yeah I get what you mean. Although that would be good for my story.

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16 hours ago, gunter said:

haha,good luck dude. if i could help with art,i'll be happy,tough i'm not really able to use other things that traditionals methods,if it can help you ,i'm here ;)


Hmm i dont know. Maybe show me an example of your art and ill consider it.

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7 hours ago, gunter said:


here you go ! i've done only a few finished drawing with characters,they are probably the bests.

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Wow these are really good. Although i'm not sure this style would fit.

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