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Any VN with SAO like theme?

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Yep there is a vn that has some elements to it, sumire (it's not that difficult to read either) and there are a few more but I cant remember them right now :P 

hello world might interest you too, it's not what you are looking for exactly but im sure you will like it.

there has to be a vn like that I just dont know it but maybe @Clephas do, he knows a lot more about this genre (virtual reality)

https://vndb.org/v12872 this one is in english and it seems to be what you are looking for (havent read it)

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Technically speaking, Baldr Sky (both Dive and Zero) take place partially within a completely virtual world, though it is deadly serious and not a game for the characters at all, lol (think direct neural implants links, brain death, and extreme escapism dystopian sci-fi).

Sumire does count, as does Mirai Sekai no Planeta (I didn't really like it though).

Harvest Overray is one with an extreme sort of augmented reality.

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