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Zannen na Ore-tachi no Seishun Jijou The Tsukkomi Queen VN


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So I was looking for random VNs and stumbles upon this majesty.


I swear to god this has the funniest prologue to a VN I have ever read.

Which bring me to mention this sharp tongue girl.



I won't show her godlike line at the prologue but I want to show these 2:



 listen for ~20secs  






Just the line she says:



Problem is as you may have guessed.... It's all in moon runes. D: 

I have read about an hour into it but I'm getting lost bit by bit as it goes on.


So.. is anyone translating this already ( haven't found any yet )




Also has anyone read this ? What are your thoughts?


Also if you haven't read this and can somewhat understand moon runes I URGE YOU TO READ AT LEAST THE PROLOGUE. It is really the funniest opening to a VN .


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I've played some of Chuablesoft's earlier works and they're hit and miss. Sugar+Spice was great but SS2 is boring and they reused everything from the first. This one looks quite original though. They do some things that are original compared to other companies and I do like their style when they get it right.

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7 hours ago, Kawasumi said:

Chuablesoft's CEO has been very interested in expanding to the western market before actually, so show him that you want it on twitter!

I really hope he does...


I suppose you're talking about the chuablesoft twitter?

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22 hours ago, aristotll said:

May try it sometime later, but there are two many great titles...


At the very least try the prologue. It took me about 15 mins. (and that was with ATLAS and looking up words every 5 seconds) if you are somewhat fluent then maybe 5 minutes.

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