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Finally Registered

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What's up, guys?

I've been lurking around Fuwanovel for quite a while now and figured it was finally time to register.

Some key points about myself are:

- I write/edit/proofread VN's (You can find out more about this in my About Me)

- I'm a critic for the anime news/review website The Fandom Post

- Im 23 and live in NJ. Full time job + full time student = Full time sadness

- My favorite VNs are probably HoshiMemo and Fate/Stay Night

- I have three cats

I think that basically covers everything about me...So hello everyone!

Nice to meet you all!

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Welcome to Fuwanovel, and hope you enjoy your stay here. As for your introduction, I'm kind of loss at word initially, but since you mentioned VN proofread I think you may try to offer your skill to proofread VN Translation here. As of now, there is the project that needed one more editor and the project is ToHeart 2 translation. Hopefully after you read the thread you willing to help @ittaku to finalize Toheart 2 translation, although if you didn't want it's okay though. Sorry if I'm like asking something impossible from you.

Anyway, once again welcome to Fuwanovel, and hope we could meet more often in future. Oh, and expect moe picture here later.

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Welcome to the forums! It's a pleasure seeing someone serious about writing joining in. Do you have a VNDB page?

9 hours ago, Selebus said:

... live in NJ.

You have my condolences.

Kidding, kidding, I went to school there for four years and actually rather liked ... some parts of NJ. It's not as bad as people make it out to be, depending on where you live.

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A writer huh? Interesting. I might need your help in the future after college, I plan to make VNs...and the "good" kind, if you know what I mean :makina:


Anyway. Sup. Enjoy your stay. The people here are crazy, therefore...YOU are now crazy as well :wahaha::holo:

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