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Make fuwanovel.rip a thing (don't let your memes be dreams)

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How many times has fuwanovel gone down and we're not sure what's happening?

Not only that, but we're left with no way to shitpost our memes and spam the forums. Things just can't stay this way.

Well I have come up with the perfect solution for this problem: fuwanovel.rip !

fuwanovel.rip, if it were to exist, would be a tracking website that lets you know if fuwanovel is down.

"Can't you just use sites like this for that purpose already?" well, yes, you can, but fuwanovel.rip is not JUST a tracking website.

Here are the features I believe would truly make fuwanovel.rip something we MUST obtain:

  • Every time you refresh the page, a random fuwanovel meme image appears. This is to ensure fuwanovel members can get their meme fix even when fuwanovel is down.
  • There will also be a random quote from forums showing up, to remind you of how great fuwanovel is. Post selection will be done with the help of fuwanovel_txt
  • In case there's no sign of fuwanovel being up, there will also be a selection of great videos that will randomly appear so you can be entertained while you wait.

More features can be added with the input from our community as well so we can make fuwanovel.rip a second home when fuwanovel.net is down.

Let's not let our memes be dreams, let's make them come true. I'm sure @Tay and @Nayleen can understand how vital the implementation of this idea is.

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1 minute ago, Polycentric said:

Wait, what happens when fuwanovel.rip is down due to unforeseen circumstances?

This does seem like a good idea though. Let our memes free!

We can only hope that forums.fuwanovel.net is open when fuwanovel.rip is down, otherwise I don't want to know what people will do :vinty:

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