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Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project

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2 minutes ago, Tamaki Sakura said:

you need to pick a consistent tense.

Most likely what you're talking about is actually intentional, but as I'm writing out the whole explanation here, it's definitely unnecessarily complicated... so it probably was a bad decision and comes off as clumsy on our part. Oh well. At any rate, here's how tense is intended to work:

  • All scenes outside of the diary occur in present tense.
  • The diary scenes are mostly in past tense because they are recounted from the perspective of someone writing a diary. The first two such lines are actually Alice quoting from the diary to try to make that clearer, and then we actually go into "diary view", stepping into the diary narrator's shoes, but still keeping past tense and narration from the perspective of one writing a diary.
  • There are occasional "asides" in the diary narration, though, which ended up in present tense; these were treated as interjections by the narrator of the diary in present tense. I.e., they don't narrate events as they were happening, but thoughts the narrator had at the moment of writing, and thus would have been written in present tense in the diary. Like I said... probably unnecessarily complicated.
  • The other exception to the general rule was H scenes, which we put in present tense, because, as a wise person on the team put it, it's sort of a "put on your 3D glasses" kind of moment.
  • I think all of the above, except possibly the H scene exception, is consistent in both the JP original and our translation. Well, admittedly I don't know the reasoning for their choices of tense, but I assume it's similar to our reasoning for maintaining those choices.

Of course, it's entirely likely we made actual errors regarding tense, even if you apply all those rules and exceptions.

I found two straight-up errors (not related to tense, but nonetheless, errors) the day after we shipped the patch, when I was just crawling through for screenshots... sigh... but that's the nature of releasing something.

4 minutes ago, Tamaki Sakura said:

I had some turn of phrase nitpicks

I still do too :D

We will be doing another pass on the prologue before shipping the final patch, hopefully ironing out a few more of the wrinkles. But to be clear, I'm not trying to offer a defensive "the released version will be tons better than the prologue patch!" objection; we're proud of what we shipped here.

4 minutes ago, Tamaki Sakura said:

Overall, it's looking really good.

Thank you!

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I'm in total agreement with using present tense for everything except the diary passages. The tense problems I noticed were things like shifting tenses within the same sentence.

50 minutes ago, Fred the Barber said:

I still do too :D

We will be doing another pass on the prologue before shipping the final patch, hopefully ironing out a few more of the wrinkles. But to be clear, I'm not trying to offer a defensive "the released version will be tons better than the prologue patch!" objection; we're proud of what we shipped here.

If you'd like, I'm open to being another set of eyes for that next pass. I'll have a stopping point in Hanasaki a couple of weeks from now.

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Going forward, I'll be posting the Majo Koi Nikki TL status updates to this thread. Totals for this week, as of ~24 hours ago:

Translated: 32% (12956/40208) Edited: 17% (6696/40208)


I'm going to add weekly deltas (I would do that now, but I don't have edited numbers for last week) and TLC progress, but we can't generate the TLC progress count... yet. Working on it. I can also provide detailed per-route breakdown of progress, if people are interested, though I don't see why you would be since I don't think we have plans to release a partial patch. If you are interested in that for whatever reason, chime in here or PM me.

At any rate, normal, good progress this week on both TL and editing side. Editing is a fair bit behind TL at this point, but we'll be trying to close that gap some in the coming weeks.

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There are now all kinds of gory details about progress on a per-route basis on the official project website, where I'm now keeping progress up to date (currently nightly, because while it isn't truly automated, it takes me about 30 seconds to update, because hooray tools): https://lunatranslationstestsite.wordpress.com/projects-2/projects/progress/

A quick summary:
13700 / 40208 (34.1%) Translated
7356 / 40208 (18.3%) Edited
4160 / 40208 (10.3%) TLCed (actually less than the prologue, since we have now discovered we didn't do a full TLC pass before releasing the prologue patch...)
5640 / 40208 (14.0%) Proofread
4298 / 40208 (10.7%) QCed (just the prologue; we probably won't be spinning up QC again for a while)

And week-over-week deltas, for the stats I had last week:
744 lines translated
660 lines edited

I hoped to catch up some on the translators this week, but apparently RIP me; I'll use the excuse that I was building tools to spit out all those fields' progress... At any rate, while this wasn't our best week for progress, it was still pretty decent. There was substantial TLC progress this week as well, but I don't have last week's numbers for that field, so I can't give you a delta. Nothing's more thrilling than data, so look forward to next week!

Edit, I forgot: out of curiosity, I also started computing progress numbers based on JP character count. Multiply these numbers by two if you want the "byte count" people like to talk about when evaluating size of a TL project, I guess (depending on the encoding they're using...):
235942 / 747133 (31.6%) Translated
127171 / 747133 (17.0%) Edited
70200 / 747133 (9.4%) TLCed
94390 / 747133 (12.6%) Proofread
72728 / 747133 (9.7%) QCed

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We onboarded a new editor this week. With the closure of the Hanasaki project, the estimable @Tamaki Sakura will be joining us on Majo Koi Nikki, doing a final pass edit on top of the other editors' work. Progress-wise, it was a decent week across the board. Stats are, as per the new norm, up to date at the site linked in the previous post, but here's a snapshot of the current week for anybody who's allergic to hyperlinks:

Translated: 14537 / 40208 (36.2%), + 837 (+2.1%) week-over-week
Edited: 8411 / 40208 (20.9%), + 1055 (+2.6%) week-over-week
TLCed: 4705 / 40208 (11.7%), + 545 (+1.4%) week-over-week
Proofread: 5640 / 40208 (14.0%), no change
QCed: 4298 / 40208 (10.7%), no change

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Editing numbers are misleadingly good this week because the script has some copy-pasted scenes from the prologue to the common route, which are now completed. There was also just plain more time spent on it this week than usual, so there's a fair bit of "real" progress there as well, including completion of our first fully-edited large section beyond the prologue (Prologue2_1, effectively the common route for one side of the game). On the other hand, less progress on TL this week than usual. A couple TLs have been busy with work, school, etc., and another reported in sick for a while with an adorable picture*. Good news is that he's up and at em again, and one of the TLs who has been tied up for a while is also back in the fray, so overall I expect this week to go down as a minor blip and progress to continue apace.

Translated: 14829 / 40208 (36.9%), +292 (0.7%) week-over-week
Edited: 10946 / 40208 (27.2%), +2535 (6.3%) week-over-week
Others: no change

*Glad you're back on your feet now, @frogstat


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It was an eventful week for us in a lot of ways. One translator has decided to bow out from the Majo Koi Nikki project, and we thank him for all his hard work and wish him the best of luck on his future projects. Meanwhile, two of our other translators returned early in the week after long absences, both of them apparently bringing a burning desire to put some numbers on the board. With our staunch froggy ally, the three of them had a prolific week on the TL side. Our TLC showed up to advance that cause, and I put in some editing as well. The upshot is we hit a couple landmarks this week, crossing 40% translated and 30% edited. Anyway, enough chatter, here's the numbers:

Translated: 16259 / 40208 (40.4%), +1246 (3.1%) week-over-week
Edited: 12406 / 40208 (30.9%), +884 (2.2%) week-over-week
TLCed: 5079 / 40208 (12.6%), +259 (0.6%) week-over-week
Others: no change

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Summer gives way to autumn, and Majo Koi Nikki translation progress continues on, unchanging as the the cherry blossom trees.

Translated: 16990 / 40208 (42.3%), +731 (1.8%) week-over-week
Edited: 12704 / 40208 (31.6%), +298 (0.7%) week-over-week
TLCed: 6301 / 40208 (15.7%), +1222 (3.0%) week-over-week
Others: no change

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  • 2 weeks later...

@Sanzy_Bones and the frog had a little friendly competition this week, especially over the last ~4 days, resulting in quite a lot of steady translation progress. Editing and TLC couldn't withstand firepower of that magnitude, though both of them made good progress as well. We're also onboarding another translator and another TLC this week, and hoping for them to read current stuff and get started on new stuff within the next week or two.

At a high level, three whole sections of the game are entirely translated at this point, and three more are extremely close. That still leaves seven sections to be finished, some long, some short, some with progress already, some without. As always, a full breakdown of the gory details is available here, and it will be moving to a much prettier website as soon as I get the ability to update said prettier website: https://lunatranslationstestsite.wordpress.com/projects-2/projects/progress/.

Translated: 19158 / 40208 (47.6%), +1385 (3.4%) week-over-week
Edited: 13633 / 40208 (33.9%), +816 (2.0%) week-over-week
TLCed: 6498 / 40208 (16.2%), +197 (0.5%) week-over-week

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I said that because I think it would be efficient if working from the small first, because usually people will forgot small task if they delayed it and working it after big task was done (Me too). So I think if the translator could working from small one, for next step translator could working on the big one without worrying some unfinishing thing. But if it was depend on the individual I couldn't do much here then, and multiple individuals at that. Well, whatever suits you then to do the translation. Good luck once again.

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Another great week progress-wise, though not quite at last week's level. It was, however, a week of landmarks. First and foremost, I'm pleased to announce that we have crossed the 50% TLed mark! :pyaa: We're all feeling pretty pumped up about it in the team chat, honestly.

But that's not all! All three of the sections I mentioned last week as near completion have been 100% translated, and as those were completed, progress has begun on translating both the longest route in the game, Cinderella, as well as the shortest route in the game, which we affectionately refer to as the Traffic Light route (or the Trio, or the Baka Trio, depending on who you ask). Not to be completely outdone, I also wrapped up editing one of the finished routes this week (and when I say "wrapped up", I mean it went from ~20% to 100%, and I finished it right before writing this post and may or may not be taking a victory lap). And of course, I can't forget our trusty TLC, who put in some excellent work this week. Without further ado, here's the numbers:

Translated: 20278 / 40208 (50.4%), +1120 (2.8%)
Edited: 14344 / 40208 (35.7%), +711 (1.8%)
TLCed: 7070 / 40208 (17.6%), +572 (1.4%)

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Ahem. A little lower than last week, but still good progress. The longest route, Cinderella, is especially moving along nicely, on both TL and editing. One thing to be aware of is that we will likely revise down the TLC numbers in the near future, since we're not positive that some sections in the prologue which have a single "TLC" entry were actually fully TLCed (we think, in some cases, only individual lines were). For now, we're still using the same algorithm as last week, so the numbers went up, but they'll likely go down in the near future when we change the way we're calculating TLC progress to account for only whole scripts which have been marked as TLCed.

Translated: 21015 / 40208 (52.3%), +737 (1.8%)
Edited: 14906 / 40208 (37.1%), +562 (1.4%)
TLCed: 7218 / 40208 (18.0%), +148 (0.4%)

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