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Princess Waltz stops working

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Well, I started Princess Waltz recently, and a couple of hours into the game this pop-up window showed up:


It says: Princess Waltz stopped working. The program stopped working due to a problem. Windows will close the program and will notify you if there's a solution.

I've been trying everything I thought of. I uninstalled and installed again, and downloaded another version of the game, but it does the same every time I get to this point in the game.

I hope someone can help me with this problem.

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I don't think it's my graphic card, all the VNs I've played were in the same PC, and I never had any problem.

I am running as administrator, my computer doesn't have malware, and my anti-virus program doesn't say anything

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Here's my savedata file, just click a few times, it crashes when they start laughing together.

Save File

I already tried compatibility mode and it makes no difference.

It always crashes at the same point, it doesn't matter if I've played 1 hour or 1 minute.

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Whoooaaa, fixed it.

Luch, you were on the right track, I had to use a save file a bit after they laugh, it's when thay say "Why don't we stop it?"

I'm not sure where your save was, but with this one I found I can keep going. I can't even read the backlog to see what they said, if I try it crashes again xD

I found it on Erogedownload, they say it must be a line that was corrupted or something, but very few people had this problem.

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