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Two Clusters: Kain arc [Sci fi, Politics, War]

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I've been working on a visual novel based on my own writing. It is a freeware visual novel and I intend to keep it free.

It is built with TyranoBuilder, Blender, Daz3D, and GIMP for post processing of CG renders.

The title: Two Clusters - Kain arc
Website: http://www.twoclusters.com/

This story is set in Two Clusters universe set in far future of year 9600~. The main character is Kain, an ex-journalist who was forced to join space navy in order to feed himself.
He soon finds himself engulfed in wars and his journey begins in space.

This VN is played on the internet at http://www.twoclusters.com/web-version


Introducing two (out of 3) main characters

Few ingame screenshots

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I am not dead. Yet anyway.

As of Version 0.6.4, I've reworked some of very early CGs in chapter 1. Basically, I've tried to polish chapter 1 which was very rough around edges when it was first published.

There are numerous improvements to graphics overall. Basically, I've become better at Blender (CG application).


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