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Granblue Fantasy [English Language]


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23 hours ago, SakashimA said:

I've been slacking, REALLY SLACKIN, for this past three months. What a troublesome behavior :vinty:

  • U@F? Meh too bothersome (2 boxes done);
  • Magnafest? Lazyness (Just daily omega raids);
  • Strum&Drang event? Made 8 boxes because 200 raids trophy;
  • Draconic battles? Didn't even touched;
  • Free Akasha/Ubaha/etc hosts? Nah i'm fine (not really, but...);
  • 9 pages of Fate Episodes.
  • Seed of Redemption? Already have FLB Six, why bother?

Even so, I've done some things:

  • Arcarum tickets: 80 > 43;
  • FLB Uno, but his Lv100 Fate still there;
  • Added an emblem on John Doe (6 CCW left without);
  • 3/5 Hollowsky weapons;
  • Cosmos Sword&Katana FLB;
  • 10th and 11th sparks (21 SSRs each).



Here goes my usual sparks notes, bother at your own will.

  • First spark: Halluel & Malluel;
  • New charas: Grimnir, Ilsa(Light), Mugen, Petra, Shiva, Teena(Summer), Yodarha(Wind), Wulf&Renie;
  • Summons: Nyarlathotep, Rose Queen, Titan;
  • 10 Gold Moons.


  • Second spark: Andira;
  • New charas: Medusa, Pholia, Rei, Zahlhamelina;
  • Summons: Apollo, Grani, Hades, Nehza, Sariel, Satyr, Yggdrasil(Summer);
  • 10 Gold Moons.



I think it's a good resume (coming from this lazy lunker). Stay safe people and don't follow my steps.

Wow those were 2 fucking good sparks. Maybe it's true that the more you slack, the more this game rewards you :makina: I should try that.


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  • 2 months later...

It's been a while since I updated my progress, but there really isn't much to speak of for most elements.

I do want to share my progress in earth though, since it's actually a substantial improvement and we're getting an earth favored GW in August.

I finally got my Caim, and I was lucky enough to roll an Ichigo during its rate up a few days ago. Now my grid looks like this:



It's still magna, but at least it's the strongest magna available. Much better than my old M2, that's for sure.

As for my OTK setup, I'll leave a clip I recorded here 


I still need to work on my Astral. Honestly I've just been slacking on Bubs very hard. But It's also very hard for me to find good coop rooms considering I'm still just rank 212, and my crew doesn't really run much Bubs either. Oh well, I'll at least get it done by GW, that's for sure, I'm only 3 blades away.

Another thing you might notice is that my Sarasa is only MLB :leecher: Honestly I'm kinda unmotivated to FLB her, along with Uno, Quatre and Song, which are the eternals I still have at MLB. I have the 10 revenant weapons farmed for everyone already, and 0187c642999d533f866af16eef2d8499.pngas you can see bars are not a problem either. But... I just don't see the need to have them at FLB, and it's annoying to farm white scales! :yumiko:

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  • 4 weeks later...

Yahallo people; I'm not completely dead yet :chaika: You know my gig so let's get started:

News #1 - The 10th one, the last jutten, the annoying gremlin, the All-mighty Healer, joins the FLB Family:



So... that means that I completed the Jutten bingo!! What an achiev...

On 7/7/2020 at 10:58 PM, Thyndd said:

I have the 10 revenant weapons farmed for everyone already, and 0187c642999d533f866af16eef2d8499.pngas you can see bars are not a problem either. But... I just don't see the need to have them at FLB,

... Well, feels like a second-world happiness :meguface: Whatever:





Now to dread the incoming 6* uncap. :vinty:


News #2 -  A summer spark (12th and counting). I got to bed the moment I finished it:

  • The good news: Grand Monika, Yukata Rosamia, Summer Anila(sparked), Summer Chloe;
  • The Truth: 13 SSR means 4,3% rate;
  • The other Truth: 11 Gold Moons;
  • The Harsh reality: 90 rolls before the first SSR;
  • The Harsher reality: I had 3/6 of the rated up characters, proceed to roll all that I already have, with only Y.Rosamia as new one;
  • The Harshest reality: Summer Freyr Another Lucifer.

Feels like my summer luck is awful, to balance my good fortune on New Year/Anniversary. 

Now to dread the results of my second spark later. :notlikemiya:

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22 hours ago, SakashimA said:

... Well, feels like a second-world happiness :meguface: Whatever:

Omg :wahaha: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to bring down your accomplishment. It's just that I'm more of a pragmatical player and only go after stuff I have an immediate use for, and I can't see myself using the likes of say, Uno, at the current time. But for completionists it's definitely a great milestone, so congrats my guy!

22 hours ago, SakashimA said:

Feels like my summer luck is awful, to balance my good fortune on New Year/Anniversary. 

Sigh I also sparked on this banner and it was fucking awful. The SSR rate was... well, not even worth calculating, lest I start crying. The only consolation prize is S.Anthuria who came home with the last 10 draws of the spark. She should be useful for FAing next dark GW, at least!

I ended up picking Vikala since I didn't manage to get her after sparking 3 times during legfest this year (2 sparks while she had her rate up at that) and I really wanted to get it out of my way before new year. 

I'll be sparking again next flashfest for the new shiny summer characters. If I don't get them though, I'll probably end up sparking Shalem instead. Just preparation for dark GW.

Alright, so that's it for today. See you after flashfest, maybe :leecher:

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On 8/5/2020 at 12:04 PM, Thyndd said:

But for completionists it's definitely a great milestone, so congrats my guy!

A late arigathanks gosaimuch, I`m proud that I even completed all them.

Looking back, It`s only because I`m a old player slacker that I got twenty bars without really grinding them.


On 8/5/2020 at 12:04 PM, Thyndd said:

See you after flashfest, maybe :leecher:

Half a month later... I`m still recovering from another sad spark :niocry: Possibly(and arguable) the worst one of my GBF career until now.

News #3 - The 13th, a summer spark. Why I even have hope for summer?

  • New things: Robomi, Summer Brodia(sparked), Summer Kolulu, Summer Silva;
  • Summons: Halluel & Malluel, S. Rosetta, S. Yggdrasil;
  • Moons: Lucius, Petra, Summer Silva x2;

Except for Alexiel, it`s was a non-gala summer rolls. C`mon Cygames. :vinty:

Maybe your spark was better than mine? Maybe, I can only hope. :leecher:


News #4 - Does anyone wanna remember Scracher 2.0? Mine wasn`t a total disaster:

  • SSR Leona;
  • 6 Damascus Crystal;
  • 6 Gold Moon;
  • 3k Crystals.

Comparable with the last one, but with much more ``useless treasures``. 


News #5 - ...

There isn`t anything more. That is all people. :chaika:

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On 9/7/2020 at 4:22 PM, SakashimA said:

Maybe your spark was better than mine? Maybe, I can only hope.

After my terrible summer legfest spark, in the end I decided not to spark again last flash cause it didn't look like a good banner for me (I already have S.Alex and that was its main appeal). It's very likely that we're getting a new dark limited character before GW (dark apostol maybe? :illya:) so that's probably the banner I will spark on. 

Best of luck for your next spark too whenever it might be!

On 9/7/2020 at 4:22 PM, SakashimA said:

A late arigathanks gosaimuch, I`m proud that I even completed all them.

Looking back, It`s only because I`m a old player slacker that I got twenty bars without really grinding them.

I also don't really grind for bars, but you'd be surprised what 2 years of hosting ubhl and pbhl daily can do! Really! It's really rare the month you don't get at least one drop, and on lucky months you might get 2 or 3. 


As for the scratcher, it wasn't bad for me either. I got a bunch of crystals and an Uriel which helped me a ton in GW. Speaking of which, I did better than I expected considering I don't have chicken. Once I got the hang of it I was pulling off 4min 30s nm150 clears, which you know, it's nothing to brag about either in a GW where people were managing sub 3min clears, but for me, I consider anything under 5min good enough :leecher:

My crew also managed to place top 100 in morning rush speed 3/4 days! And day 3 even top 50! Proud of these guys :kosame:

Now gotta get ready for dark GW. I'm scared. Dark is the OP element, there's that, but also precisely because of this people also invest a lot more into it, so the average powerlevel is way higher. 

We already had 700m+ top70k cutoffs this earth GW and I don't even want to think how high the scores will be next GW :amane:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Now that I've think about it, it's actually been a really long time since I last updated my grids and teams. The reason is mainly that progression is extremely slow for me at this point, and also that I'm at sort of a weird point where I can't decide what I want to do with pretty much all my eles.

Anyway, let's see how things are coming along for me. Next GW is dark, so that's what I'll be showing.

Once you get to the endgame it's kinda hard to just show a team and grid and call it a day. Different fights need different approaches, so let's divide this exposition in 3 categories: OTK, nm95/burst comp and LuciHL/Bubs/tough endgame fights. I guess a full auto comp could also be interesting but I won't be bothering for now.




There's a lot to say about this. Maybe you noticed that there is no opus in there. Why you might ask? Well, because my opus has an enmity key on it, and I refuse to keep changing keys cause farming faa is a pain, since most coop room pubs I'm allowed to join (rank 223 atm) still fail most of the time. So, my intention is to make a 2 button OTK team that works without having opus in the grid at all. It's worth mentioning that enmity at 100% hp provides 0% atk modifier, so it's completely useless :leecher:

I still need to get 2 more drops to finish my fediel spine, and then tweak everything to make sure it works consistently. So yeah, a work in progress, but should be easy to get it done in time. Oh, and I guess I'll also ULB that qilin sword. I don't think it's needed but might as well do it in case I want to use it for nm150 or something.

In case you are skeptical about whether it is really possible to achieve a 2 button OTK without opus, yeah, I made sure it is. There's some showcases of people doing it with the same grid and characters on YT.




Fairly standard I would say. This is what I use to farm Akasha and it's what I'll also most likely use for nm95, unless the boss has a dozen of plain damage triggers to screw over Zoi strats. Wouldn't it be funny.

Yeah, I ringed Zoi and Predator. Don't @ me. The 5% cap up is useful.

Anyway, about the grid, you might think a 4th claw might be better than either the akasha weapon or the zwei. Turns out it's not. You have enough enmity to easily cap at 1 hp provided you have the defense debuff from deathing Nier. The grid seems to be optimal. The only consideration is that it might be worth to go magna highlander at least for nm95 (not Akasha, cause that bitch skips turns and removes Nier debuffs).

LuciHL, I guess?



Honestly I don't really play dark for LuciHL but this is what I used to use. Nowadays I have Vikala, Rei, and am planning to spark Shalem, so my team would definitely change a lot.

And that's it for my dark. BUT. Months ago I stated that it was a dream of mine to finally be able to ditch magna and go for hades. It's truly sad being magna in what is the most broken element in the game. 

Well. Unfortunately I still don't have Hades. I was hoping they would perhaps give another demi-primal pick option for anni, but nope, they didn't...

What I do have though, is this:


Yeah those palmtrees are at MLB. Amazing what doing daily hosts for a full year can do :leecher: And those 2 gislas, I bought them with my suptixes whenever I didn't really have anything else I wanted to get.

Of course that is not all, I also have pretty much every weapon and grand weapon I'd want to have. And enough bars to make that grid a reality.

It's just a matter of getting a fucking Hades. And about that...


Yeah yeah. I know. It's a terrible idea. Nothing in this game is worth spending a sierotix. I KNOW! But damn I am tempted. 

I will spark next flash gala during halloween banner. I don't know if there will be dark chars/summons rate up or something, probably not cause it's likely to be just halloween characters rate up. But anyway, I will wait until then, and if after my spark I still don't have a hades... honestly, I don't know if I will be able to hold myself back from sierotixing it.

Don't do it boys. Do like I say, not like I do. A sierotix is worth 7.5 chocobars. That's like half an optimal primal grid. Buying that hinders your progression immensely :amane:

Anyway, see you guys in a month!

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On 10/22/2020 at 1:33 AM, SakashimA said:

Once a impossible dream; now its just... a very expensive one...


Not that I`m gonna buy it... no, haven`t even thought about :meguface:


Besides, I have others priorities like JUSTICE:


Congrats on Justits! :illya: I see you are making fast progress in the evoker department. Meanwhile here, I haven't got a new one since uh... Caim. Only have Alanaan, Nier and Caim so far :amane: I'm mostly sunstone gated. There's just so much shit I need to stone...

So. I sparked this Halloween banner. And it was actually a pretty good spark for a change: I got all the new halloween characters, though it's not like I care too much about those, I'd rather have gotten some of the old ones like Vazeta or Halle, but hey, I'm not complaining. I also got some grand weapons dupes like another Grim spear and a Fallen Sword. And I finally got BK for comfy FA in GW. Spark target was Shalem.

Aaand... well... I made a questionable decision and I ended up sierotixing Hades... Don't judge me ok, I know it's technically not worth it in terms of investment, but I'm also allowed to have a bit of fun in this hellish game :kosame:

And so, I've been having a blast these last couple days trying to "speedrun" LuciHL. Yesterday I managed to get to 40M DPM, which is not a lot in this day an age where people are getting close to 80 or maybe they already even surpassed that, but it's still my personal best.


And this will also serve to illustrate my point about this raid in the present time. @SakashimA you can host LuciHL in coop and just get carried. In most pubs I join the host doesn't do anything. You can just AFK for all intents and purposes. All you need nowadays is a wind guy to apply debuffs and a couple of dark players. Ideally one with Nier to clear the 8th labor (though it's not like dark players even need it clear, but it will help the wind guy a ton if they are not zeph). So yeah, there's no point in wasting your valor badges when you can literally get it for free. If today's run fails, no biggie, try tomorrow. In less than a month you should have all your opus uncapped :illya:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Alright, less than one week for the worst GW of the decade. How is your prep going?

I have done my homework over here. Finally finished my second Fediel Spine and got a 1 button OTK setup working:


It's especially comfy because you can just queue FA and the first skill to be used will be splitting spirit, so you just need to press the big orange button.

As for nm95, well, my setup is hardly the most original invention ever crafted. Just the typical Akasha farming composition:


Now, my worst fear is that the boss has a bunch of plain damage triggers that make playing enmity completely unviable. If that were to happen, well, RIP enmity players, and also magna players in general. I guess you could still try building some ougi based team, but it should be slower. We'll see how it goes. I personally don't have the bars to invest in stamina hades at the moment, so all I can do is sit and wait.

I feel like this thread is dead af. Come on, share what your plans for GW are. If you are slacking and taking it easy, let us see the FA setup that you're planning to use :illya:

Anyway, I wish you guys good luck for GW. We're all gonna need it :leecher:

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On 11/8/2020 at 8:43 PM, Thyndd said:

I feel like this thread is dead af

On 7/14/2018 at 5:34 PM, SakashimA said:

This place never had much activity in first place

IMO, this topic is even lucky to have two players posting from time to time.


On 11/8/2020 at 8:43 PM, Thyndd said:

Alright, less than one week for the worst GW of the decade. How is your prep going?

My preparations are ready from 3 GWs ago: I`m ignoring it. :Kappa:

Main reasons are 1) The increased U&F honors tiers make me depressed; 2) Because I`m a solo player, even reaching Tier C is now a chore; 3) It`s Dark time :meguface: ; 4) A little burnout, mostly fine; 5) Genshin Impact :sachi:

Probably gonna do missions and that is it.


On 10/23/2020 at 5:35 PM, Thyndd said:

And this will also serve to illustrate my point about LuciliusHL in the present time

Yeah I`m aware, believe me; but my 'awkwardness' about this raid (and in extend BubsHL) isn`t a rational one: I know I CAN be carried, CAN learn from failed atempts, CAN strive into proper learning, that I have the tools for it, that the raid IS powercreeped in a certain extend. I know very well but still...

...I still don`t WANNA be carried, I WANT to earn my ULB things... But I have fear; fear of fail, fear of coop, fear of wasting time and materials, fear of writing 3 words, fear of interacting with others. Social phobia at its finest.


...Sorry about anything. :vinty: I`ll see myself out.

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13 hours ago, SakashimA said:

2) Because I`m a solo player, even reaching Tier C is now a chore;

Why not join a casual crew? You will be asked to do literally nothing (maybe log in once every week or two to show that you are still alive, if that's not much of a bother :leecher:) and even if people barely play, it should still be much easier to reach tier C than all by yourself. I don't know if you are already on the Gaijins discord server, but if not, that's a good place to look for recruitment (and only for that, cause the community is quite toxic :amane:).

13 hours ago, SakashimA said:

Yeah I`m aware, believe me; but my 'awkwardness' about this raid (and in extend BubsHL) isn`t a rational one: I know I CAN be carried, CAN learn from failed atempts, CAN strive into proper learning, that I have the tools for it, that the raid IS powercreeped in a certain extend. I know very well but still...

...I still don`t WANNA be carried, I WANT to earn my ULB things... But I have fear; fear of fail, fear of coop, fear of wasting time and materials, fear of writing 3 words, fear of interacting with others. Social phobia at its finest.

Look, I understand. I was the same. I was putting LuciHL off, always finding excuses of "I will get this done first" only to then move onto another step that "I really should do before trying faa-san". It's a very intimidating raid for beginners in general, not to mention to people with a certain type of personality.

It was actually my danchou at the time that kept insisting me to try faa-san out. And you would think that the fact that I was doing the raid with my crewmates who I knew well and wouldn't trash me if I made a mistake would be reassuring, but for me it's exactly the opposite :leecher: I didn't want to ruin the raid for people I was acquainted with and was bound to keep interacting with in the future. In the end I obviously understand rationally that this is a fucking game and I shouldn't really take it so seriously. Who cares if I sabo a run? We're having fun and learning the raid! But yeah, it's a matter of personality type, and you can't try to rationalize it. The only thing you can do is to suck it up and step out of your comfort zone. And I realize this turnt into a rant about life itself at this point, but hey, you can learn some life lessons even through a mobile game :makina:

Anyway, it's a fun raid, at least until you get bored of it, and you eventually will, believe me. And at that point you won't fucking care if you make a mistake and get wiped out. 

I suggest that you try joining random coop rooms. Mind you, most of those runs will fail. But isn't that a relief? They will fail with or without your help :leecher: so take them as opportunities to learn the raid. People are well aware that they will most likely fail and you won't get any hate if you mess up. The cost of hosting the raid is also pretty much negligible since the host mat is so cheap, so you're good on that front too.

That's what I did for Bubs by the way, before doing runs with my crew. Though Bubs is a much easier raid to get used to than Faa, and you'll most likely need just a couple runs to get the hang of it! And thanks goodness, cause Bubs, if you go with Tormentor (which you should, makes it 200% easier) really does take a toll on your quartz :notlikemiya:

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  • 3 weeks later...

Look at me, running away when life questions my choices. Pathetic :amane:

Still, a bare minimum answer is due; and for that I`m here (better late than never? I`m not sure).

Looking at Luci... no, forget it. From the very start of my GBF career, I`ve followed a simple ''rule'': If I can`t do something alone, I just push it aside. Of course it extends for my way of life IRL, but lets keep focus on GBF :sachi: From Omega to Twin Elements HL and so on, even with the event raids; If I couldn`t beat, I would just ignore it. Not even host and call backup, my prideful (and social inept) self wouldn`t allow it.

Fast foward to nowadays; my grids are up to the challenges, I have a pretty sizable roster, raids already powercreept, etc etc. Even so, I still avoid certain key contents: Basically any 6-man raid or Gold Brick mine. It should not make any sense. But when I take account of my own personality, it`s obvious the result.

Additionaly to my own rule, this dread of ''co-op play'' can be summed up by three main excuses:

  1. I don`t wanna interact with other people: 15% pride, 70% fear, 10% laziness and a ~12% mix of self-awareness, past experiences, unfounded hatred, shyness and of course distrust. I go to great lenghts to avoid other ones; including making a solo crew, using co-op rooms only when I have no other choice, capping EP because I can`t be bothered looking Twitter calls, treating social media like a plague and using non-standard ways to vent a bit (like this subforum).
  2. I don`t believe in myself: a common case of low confidance. Even if It`s possible to clear, the effort and/or willpower needed just drain away any hope for success.
  3. In the end, this is the way I play my waifu collector: a generalized phrase for a bunch of paradigms that molds my GBF life. I have many ones and it`s annoying so I`m stopping here. TLDR: I`m in my confort zone and l just suck it.



I didn`t wanted to just counterpoint you, so I tried express my thoughts (not good, I know).

So, excuse me a bit. I will be at some side of the topic in fetal position mulling my thoughts  :kanpai:

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PSA: I don`t drink. I`m serious
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The issue seems to go deeper than I ever imagined :amane: I apologize if I was inconsiderate, I wouldn't want to pester you into playing the game in a way you really don't want to play it.

It's just that, talking from my personal experience, even though GBF doesn't appear to have a big social component, I've found that if it weren't for my crew and all the wholesome people I've met playing the game I probably would've got bored and quit a long time ago. Sure, there's also some toxicity, but as far as online gaming communities go, I think GBF's is not that bad :illya:

I honestly believe, or want to believe, that if you were around a bunch of clowns that memed 24/7 and didn't care about nothing but having fun you might change your perspective about interacting with others in the game and that might make the game much more fun for you too. There's no pride or fear to be had when all people care about is the laughs and memes :leecher:

Anyway, I will stop being a headache. It's not my place to tell you how you ought to play the game or live your life!

But! I will let my discord and gbf ID down below so that you can add me if you feel like it. I promise I don't bite :illya: Of course, don't feel pressured to do it if you really don't want to. I won't feel offended or anything at all if you so choose. I just want to give you the option, that's all.

Discord: Thyndd#7183

GBF ID: 23050943

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Don`t fret I`m not worth I sound a bit overdramatic, but my ''issues'' aren`t as serious as it seems. I think. :chaika: Even if it`s limiting, as long I`m the only one bothered by, It`s fine.

It`s cool seeing how others plays the same GBF as me, their experience vastily different than mine. Would be smart learn from it. A shame I`m very inflexible when handling psychological matters. :vinty:

As you can already guess, my friend list will stay empty...

But you gave me some food for thought/self-improviment, and for this I offer my thanks. :677632610700230696:


:kanpai: Now that we ended this complicated matter, let`s pray for good fortune on roulette. :kanpai:

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I still don`t drink. I`m serious
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  • 1 month later...

So, it's that time again. GW is around the corner... 

But first of all, how was your roulette experience? Did Santa bring in the goods? 

Over here, I honestly can't complain. I got 200 hundred free rolls during Grand Sandalphon rate up, and took advantage of that to spark. The spark itself was pretty bad, with nothing worth mentioning, but since I had 240 rolls I only had to spend 60 more rolls of my own, so 60 rolls for Sandalphon, being as broken as he is, is a pretty good deal if you ask me. 

As for Shatora's (Catura? I like Shatora better :notlikemiya:) banner, again, I can't complain: I luckshitted her with the free rolls. How good or necessary is she is debatable, but nevertheless I would've had to spark her some time during 2021 before she rotates out if I hadn't rolled her, so that's one less thing on my mind. I also got Metatron from these rolls, just in time for GW, so that's awesome. 

Alright, now for GW preparation. Last light GW (the crab dance one :leecher:) was pure suffering. I hope thing are better this time... even though I am still a magna pleb, and I don't like light nearly enough to consider heavy investment into it, much less nowadays when said investment needs to be insane to outperform magna.

Let's start simple: my OTK setup. To be fair I didn't feel like working on this too much. Last GW I got 10k meat and only got to spend around 7k, and my dark is way better than my light, so I should expect to spend even less than that. So, I just wanted a setup that was comfy and fast enough for 7k meat. It doesn't need to be the most optimal thing in the world.


This is Chev x Huanglong. Huanglong call + attack button is enough for 21m. Or at least it is enough if you switch the opus' key to CB cap. I didn't bother just for this screenshot :illya:

Before you panik, no, farming 4 pillars is not required for this to work. I farmed those for versatility in my NM95 lucha comps. This OTK setup worked even with regular sword grid, though this is certainly more damage, so since I have it, I might as well use it.

Ironically, my NM95 team is probably not going to use the Pillar of Flame (PoF from now on) grid. The reasons are slightly complicated and required some experimentation. But first of all, this is what I'll probably be using, and since I've recorded it, I might as well share the video:

Ok, things to notice. Rage III is being used in lieu of the light ship buff. I didn't want to bother my danchou to put it up just for the sake of one video. In any case, and this is something a lot of people seem to not be aware of, the elemental atk from the crew buff is not really considered elemental. If you check the damage formula you can see how it's actually multiplicative with everything else. Therefore I think it should be a stronger buff than Rage III, which is just 30% normal atk up diluted among all the normal mod provided by the chev swords. That's to say that if this works with Rage III, it should also work without it once the light ship is up.

Another thing you might notice is that I only apply 25% defense down with G.Jeanne's S1, not pressing Miserable Mist for a full 50% capped defense down. This is because NM95 bosses usually have a defense value of around 14, compared to the 10 defense value of the dummy target. Therefore, NM95 with 50% defense down should be at Def7, while the dummy target with 25% def down is at Def7.5. Very close, and that 0.5 difference also gives me a margin to make sure I have enough damage for the actual boss fight.

Last but not least, Gawain applied a 10% defense down on ougi, which certainly interferes with what I previously stated. I could've waited for the debuff to expire, but honestly I thought aforementioned tiny advantages made up for the 10% def debuff and to be fair, I didn't feel like editing the video to fastforward the 2minutes wait :makina: But I have tried waiting on my own, and the damage is consistently around 135m (remember, NM95 is 131.25m) so it should be ok. So, TL;DR: For the actual NM95 fight once the light ship is up, you just need to press Miserable Mist instead of Rage III.

Now, the reason why this oldschool sword grid seems to be better than the PoF grid for this specific comp is... Gawain. PoF grid has terrible damage at low HP, and since Gawain will get at <20% by the big burst turn and he is the main damage dealer with his double strike and echos, that alone seems to be enough to make the sword grid outperform PoF. Of course I've tried other alternatives to Gawain using PoF, like Lucio. The Gawain comp seems to be the most solid one, though.

Alright, so that's it for NM95. NM100/150 are always nearly impossible to plan for ahead, being highly dependent on the boss in question, so I won't really bother: you just improvise along the way.

I did, however, thought about a Full Auto comp, which might come in handy this time considering my crew is going through some hard times, having suddenly lost a bunch of really strong players... and it's not likely we'll find suitable replacements for this GW. So it's probably time to take a break and FA throughout the day instead of going crazy during MR. 


This seems to have very decent damage even against high defense, and good survivability. 2 Artemis bows might be 1 bow too many depending on the damage distribution in the actual fight: 2 bows are great if you take even damage across all party members over time to the extent that you can't outheal it and you drop to ~50% hp. If the boss, however, is one of those that deals a shit ton of single target damage, the extra HP from the second chev sword might be needed. In any case, at least 1 artemis bow seems to be a staple.

Changing the MH to the seraphic harp, and then swapping the Lu Woh Horn for the second chev sword might also be a good idea. It will all depend on how hard the fight is.

So... yeah! That's my GW preparation. If I learnt something about GW in these... 2 something years I've been playing the game is that you are never prepared for GW. No matter how strong your grid and characters feel, once the actual fights come along you will inexorably feel like the weakest scrub out there. But hey, at least you gotta try :leecher:

I don't know if anyone besides SakashimA hangs around this thread anymore, but yeah... if you do and feel like sharing your GW prep, I'd be happy to read it and y'know, share ideas among us. And SakashimA too, I know you are pretty casual and laidback in GW, but if you have done any sort of preparation or have any ideas on what you might be using, I'd be happy to read them :sachi:

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Ok guys I`m here, ready to share useless tales :leecher: . Pick a comfy Vee seat and lets go.


1) A Tale of Oracles:

"Once upon December, when the snow falls into the blue sky of Nihon, we players are greeted with marvelous gifts from mothership Cygames. Many of them brings their own story. This one is about a precious gem, that acts as a window into the celestial heavens."

So we got a free Evolite and I was there, with all the waifu Evokers done, wondering which one could be the next one: Between meta picks Aranaan or Caim, powerful niches Geisenborger, Katzelia and Lobelia, or the auto-skill/free backline buffs Estarriola. Can you guess which one I choose?



Yep, I choose him, the least made one. Mostly because I like his design, his "unique" playstyle and above all else, the hilarious mental image of Estarriola sleeping in the backline makes soo much sense. Sadly his attack animations are pretty lame.

For now I have five Evokers, zero Sandbox weapons, and 100% worry on their Extended Skill/FLB.


2) A Tale of Wishes and Crystals:

"In another place, whenever you desire for companionship, you would make a wish upon the sky. Be your wish answered, a falling star will bring your fortune. Here, these glittering crystals make our fate."

On 1/8/2021 at 6:29 AM, Thyndd said:

Did Santa bring in the goods? 

Yes, but no. :mare:

To summarize, my free rolls were great  but everytime I used my own funds it was a disaster.:sachi:

If we ignore the last day, I got 31 SSRs (5,84% rate). Or 41 SSRs (5,39%rate) including the last day. Worth mention to Gachapin + Mukku three times.

About my sparks... I`ve done not 1 or 2... but I sparked 3 TIMES this period, with two of them on 3% RATE BANNER :holo: And I`m happy with this "mistake" :vinty:

  • My first spark was the last day of Xmas banner: Sparked H. Magisa, got H. Nemone and Predator on free rolls. 130 free / 170 paid. Exactly 9 SSRs.
  • My second spark was on end-of-year Flashfest: Sparked Shalem. Good things include Ca Ong x2, Hades, Ixaba and Zeus. 120 free / 180 paid. 17 SSRs. 
  • My third one was the last roulette day: Literally throwed 70 rolls for Mireille, because I only got marks from these ones. Got Kaguya, Light Gawain and 8 Gold Moons.

I thought about which gala banner I would spark (after that first one, I could only guarantee one spark) and I choose the Flash gala because: A) I wanted Shalem for Kengo/Rising Force Ougi memes. 2) I`m a bit sad with Zodiac`s new design (I would prefer 12 blonde miko-inspired buffer waifus but what I can do :miyako:). C) I could get Olivia during the rolls P.S. I still don`t have her.

Extra image: Spear users, rejoice your God roll (it was on 15/12)




Sorry, it`s a bit late here so I`m stopping for now. I will continue this later. Return to your Vryn chair, I`m back.


3) A Tale of a Bright Future:

"Legends tells of crescent-shaped stones, while not a uncommon sight, that manifest when someone reaches the border between realities. Attracted by this mysterious phenomenon, a singular merchant started collecting them, offering valuable good in trade."

Firstly, a photo of ~6 years worth of moons:


As a New Year`s 'resolution', I decided to funnel these beauties into another primal grid (or at last a Superlative weapon). But which one? According to my old-newbie dreams, it`s Light or Dark primal. 

Well, as the people say: When Lucifer gives you 2* Zeus, 5x Edens, 3x Gambanteinn, 2x Ivory Ark, a Sacred Standard and FLB Certificus and a Light-Advanted GW; you make a Light primal grid :maple:. I don`t have any preferences between both, but what pushed me into LIght was two simple things: Light have more waifus(for me) than Dark, and Dark already does enough damage.

Still in the topic of Light-related things, I don`t really make any preparations for Unite&Fight 'events'. I pick between 30 min ~ 2 hours to decide what I`m gonna aim, build a EX+ OTK party and go with the flow. For this time, maybe I will try to reach C tier with my new Zeus grid.

Edited by SakashimA
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  • 2 months later...

After Granblue`s 7th Anniversary, here I am again with another filler post :sachi: It`s the same as always but enjoy nonetheless.


Firstly, let me welcome my 6th Evoker: Aranaan-san.


Ironically, as an Agni Main, I should have gotten him a loooong time ago. Still, I don`t have Summer Mimlemel soo... no meta bursting for now.

Speaking of, I choose Holiday Lily with Anniversary Ticket. Totally not biased :mare:.

Speaking of, I said this before:

On 1/12/2021 at 10:42 PM, SakashimA said:

For now I have five Evokers, zero Sandbox weapons, and 100% worry on their Extended Skill/FLB.

It was pretty obvious but... WHY? WHY EVOKERS` DOMAIN SKILLS HAVE SUCH GRINDWALL?? WHYYYYY?!? I dont even touched Replicard Sandbox...

Speaking of, WHY? Why Fraux`s Domain is soo good? WHYYYYY?!? :komari:.



Into the main subject, the free gacha rolls:

  • Got 32 SSRs over the month;
  • Many Gold Moons (18), as expected;
  • New companions: Summer Ferry, Grand Cags, Feather, Fiorito, Isaac, Kou, Morrigna, Earth Vaseraga, Light Sara, Tabina;
  • The best moment: when I got Summer Ferry;
  • The cool moment: Got another Zeus, thanks for free ULB RNGus;
  • The poop moment: Mireille Gold Moon;

I`m pleased with the outcome, except of ''the poop moment''. This, and that I 'wasted' the 100 + 100 + Super Mukku rolls because of... Summer Zodiacs, of course :leecher:. They know what we want :leecher:.

If not for that 70 draws at Mireille before I could have sparked twice instead of once, but well... Mireille is cute so whatever :makina:. As for the spark itself I got the two Zodiacs so I`m not even mad that I got 1% less SSR rate:

  • New SSR: Summer Andira, Summer Albert, Summer Kumbhira, Mishra;
  • Gold Moons: Summer Anila, Athena, 2x Pholia, Summer Kuvira, Monika, Narmaya, Yukata Rosamia, Fire Yuel;
  • Summons: Summer Kaguya, Prometheus;



Additional random trivia:

  • 1) Got 9K crystals and a Sky Ace from scratcher;
  • 2) At the time of this post, I need a single Tears of the Apocalypse to ULB my first Dark Opus. At last, hum... :vinty:;
  • 3) 28K Flawed Prisms for Esser and Nio Transcedence;
  • 4) At the time of this post, It`s Unite@Fight and I`m at tier C slacking;
  • 5) Got a lucky Gold Bar drop;
  • 6) At the time of this post, I have 69 Arcarum tickets :notlikemiya:;
  • 7) My girl Socie got her FLB. Yip :kosame: Yip.


That`s all for now. Until next time folks.

Edited by SakashimA
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Hi, I'm still alive :makina:

Let's see, my last post was before light GW. Well, nothing much has changed really since then, aside from the preparation I did for water favored GW that has just ended like 3 days ago.

I'll spare you the details and just show you some recordings I made for said GW, y'know, because of that of an image, or video, being worth more than a thousand words.







Things to notice: 

-I annitixed xmas gozaru. Yeah I don't know. I'm quite deep into water ougi, and she's cute. She didn't sound like a bad option. Now, of course I'll be regretting for a long time not having xmas Nemone or H.Vazeta, but it is what it is. I wish they stopped for a second with the continuous releasing of broken superlimiteds :vinty:

-I went back to magna for nm150 which might look like nonsense, but I think it's justified. The times I got with my ougi setup were not too far from magna (ougi being faster during ST, and slightly slower otherwise) but this magna setup was just so much more comfortable and braindead to use. Ironically enough, since ougi is usually THE braindead setup, but yeah.

At any rate, GW was cool. I suffered less than I expected to considering water was never my strong ele, even given the absurd scores that were reached this time (over 1 billion for top 70k! we finally got there!), and the fact that I couldn't be arsed to ULB Quatre nor to farm the new shiny Columba bow shit. To be honest, I was a little burnt out at the time so I was just taking a break. In the end it didn't come back to bite my ass too hard. My times I think were mostly fine for my lame european ping, and I will take anything under 1:30 for nm95 and 3:30 for nm150 anyway. Heck, I was doing 4:15 in light GW's nm150 :leecher:

Also, this GW was the third in a row we got 4-0! So no complains there either, the guys did a wonderful job. 

Look at this under your own risk @SakashimA, your tier C slack soul might leave your body :mare:



I have to say, things wouldn't probably have worked out so nicely for me if I hadn't lucked into S.Kolulu during my anni spark. My target was Mahira, and really, S.Kolulu was the only other worthwhile thing I got, but damn was she worth it. 

On that note, I'm extra glad I ended up sparking Mahira since now we know the next GW will be earth favored. Makes no sense, it really should've been wind or at least fire, but alright KMR. Soooo happy to not have to go another earth GW without Mahira... last time it was hell.

And as far as earth GW preparation is concerned, well, I don't really think I have much to work on for now. Obviously I'll have to ULB at least Okto and see what I can do with Sarasa (given that we only can possibly have one blue cert at this point), but aside from that my earth can't really receive much improvement. If I had a Naginata and maybe an AK I would consider going Titan, but meh... 

Anyway, my NM95 setup should be looking something like this, with Ygg x Kirin (the second summon call is Uriel):


I might consider suptixing earth Bea and using her over Pengy, though really I think for nm95 that would only cut like 1 or at most 2 buttons, so it's not THAT big a deal. But maybe she'll also be useful for nm150, so she's certainly a consideration.

As for the grid, well, nothing really very original, just the usual lucha thingy :leecher:


The only possible improvement is getting a decent AX skill for my Ygg Sword. Aside from that, it's either suptixing and stoning a Gorilla or just sticking with what I have. 

Now, as for my ex+ OTK setup, thankfully I managed to roll V.Monika during my valentine spark (I sparked V.Grim), and she makes OTK extremely comfy:


This is Huanglong x Huanglong. Just 1 button, but in reality, it's just queue FA and press the big orange button (the reason why I'm using monk, along with the fact that the astral mainhand gives a partywide stamina buff). It really doesn't get more comfy than that, so I think I'm set in this department too.

As for the grid:


You might notice that the opus has an auto cap key. Yeah. I don't even need the ougi cap up key. Nor plus marks. Nor S.Silva backline, so I'm using just Caim and Esser for the droprate up. That's how stupidly strong this is, even after the 22m EX+ hp increase.

Now, some might argue that I should go for a 3-chain ougi setup or a lucha setup because ougi lockout and yada yada. Well, honestly, at 300ms ping ougi lockout in between EX+ means absolutely nothing for me. Never noticed it, and never will. So... that's the silver lining of being European... I guess....???? :komari:

Anyway, after I'm done with Okto and Sarasa ULB or whatever, I'll really have nothing else to do until GW besides doing my daily goldbar raids. Which is good, cause long periods of gbf grind really do wear you out. Peace out and see you in some months! :maple:


On 4/9/2021 at 6:01 PM, SakashimA said:

The best moment: when I got Summer Ferry;

I'm not even one to care about skins, but damn, she's so cute. I'm just a little bit jealous :mare:

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On 4/16/2021 at 11:34 PM, Thyndd said:

I'll really have nothing else to do until GW besides doing my daily goldbar raids

This madboy already have Super Sayan Blue Skin I`m not surprised :vinty:


On 4/16/2021 at 11:34 PM, Thyndd said:

I'm just a little bit jealous :mare:


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27 minutes ago, SakashimA said:

This madboy already have Super Sayan Blue Skin I`m not surprised :vinty:

Hellll nooo I'm not spending my precious sunstones and goldbars on a silly skin :notlikemiya:

That would only happen... if I had nothing else to stone or bar. Which will happen... never. Or, if I won the lottery, I guess.

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  • 6 months later...

Hello? Planet Earth calling... Planet Earth calling...

This is another edition of SakashimA's traveling post, writing from Zinkenstill - Phantagrande Skydom, where anything new or old goes here.


...Although I don't know if i'm going to continue this. My plan was to write at the end of Summer August Magnafest, but I kept delaying until now :notlikemiya:.

Reasons? Basically a severe burnout of GBF. Even though I still like Granblue, nowadays I can't even keep playing for 30min straight. Most days I log in, use AP(not even EP) and log off. What a shame  :vinty:  I don't ever reached my ideal endgame phase.

...Aaand lets keep going with this, before I get lazy again and give up :sachi: :


-Eternals stuff:



Finally, in August, transcendence for all ten Eternals were unlocked. But as a lazy burnout player that I am, I had not gathered all needed material in time so I spent some time grinding halos and urns to unlock both at same time. And then miscounting his Rusted Weapons and spend more time hunting Proto-Bahamut ::.

Now both are in 2nd stage trans, just waiting for this idiot pick up to level up :meguface: . Sorry my girls.


-Arcarum stuff:


Another reason for why this post was delayed: I wanted to include Fraux's Domains completed, but it only happened mid-September :: ehe.

On another Arcarum news, I "wasted" 63 Arcarum tickets for all ten achievements on Normal Arcarum (defeating every boss).


-Summertime shenanigans:

End of July - August. Summer time. The time where we get new swimsuits(and yukatas) characters. The time where I plan my spark, fail miserably to get what I want and return here to rant about. The time where is always a Summer Magnafest online and I just spend it doing the same things as usual. The time where many tears of joy and saltness and anger are shed, thanks to RNG freebies.



Kaguya is there because of a impulsive mistake: as we know, after the lottery fiasco, Cygames gave everyone a Tier 3 ticket, which we could choice a single Grand/Primal/Non-ticketable summon. Soo this kid here thought "well, I already have Belial, I have at least one of each Primal summon and I'm not in a hurry to get the missing Grands, my best choice is a summon" and then proceed to instantly pick Kaguya and using it for uncapping his 2* Kaguya... Forgeting that we had Summer missions, and the last prize was a Sunstone... If anything, I only got the Sunstone in the last 3 days.



The second image is a memorial of my summer draw's luck: With a spark, I managed to get almost all new 2021 summer units except Shalem. Thankful the spark wasn't bad and managed to get surprising 6 SSRs on free rolls, with some curious results:

  • The above image of three Tsuchinokos;
  • Got four servings of Tahar Masala(Summer Tabina's weapon);
  • Had to spark S.Metera, because she didn't came along;
  • Summer Siegfried x2, Summer Shiva x2, Yukata Yngwie x2;
  • Totals: 32 SSRs, 16 Gold Moons, 10 Summons.

Not getting S.Shalem doesn't bother me, but leaving without the best unit of the batch is a bit disappointing.

At this rate, next year I'm gonna just roll in whatever banner have the summer skins I want :mare: .



...If I last until next summer, I mean. Blessings to all for a long journey ahead :maple:.


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  • 5 months later...

Lets see, lets see... Another six-month break between posts. Wow I'm really attached to this place. :chaika:

Ahem... Good day Granbluers, and Happy Holidays for all us. The best season of Blueland is already past us but I hope you guys are keeping the fun in this journey.

In my case I've returned to play in a regular basis. Not bad for someone that almost stopped. :sachi: 


For this recollection, firstly a image gallery of the main points and below then a more detailed approach: 



(Does someone took guesses?)


1 ) Holiday Mahira:

  • A spark made at last year's Xmas day (with help of 190 free rolls);
  • As expected, only 9 SSR;
  • ...BUT got 4 new characters: H.Anthuria, H.Arulumaya, H.Metera and Shion;
  • ...and another F* Zeus. 4th one.


2 ) Fediel:

  • 19th bad spark at Shindala's release;
  • A not welcome 13 SSR, with 10 Gold Moons;
  • Only Fediel and Cidala are worth mentioning;


3 ) Shitori and Pholia:

  • Two Perpetuity Rings for two waifus.


4 ) Song and Sarasa:

  • More Eternals trancendence, with Song at lv120 and Sarasa at lv130;
  • Speaking of, Esser and Nio are both at lv130 too;


5 ) Alliah:

  • Another spark, a hard decision between Kayano Alliah or Kayano Yuni;
  • A pretty good 26 SSR haul, even with half being Gold Moons;
  • Newcomers: Baal, Filene, S.Illnott, Lich, Emo Sandy;
  • Curiously got Wilnas (Summon), and after Wilnas (Grand) with freebies.


6 ) Caim:

  • Pretty obvious right? :maple:


7 ) Damascus Knife:

  • Self-explanatory. Got it as a birthday present;
  • It's Fire element. Choose it because dagger classes are my favorites after Apsara.
  • No, I don't have Gae Bulg. :sachi:


8 ) Dark Opus:

  • Just a shameful display of my incomplete Opus collection. 4/6 ULBs with shameless help of Ascendant Prayer and 8th Granblue anniversary gift. 



My, my, what a write-up. I give myself a 4/10 points. Too long for nothing.

For anyone that still comes here... you too are attached to this place :chaika:. I salute you.

See you again on Genshin Impact next post.


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  • 4 months later...

It's been 500 years, but I'll bite and make an update post about the game on my side.

So ever since then, I've been continuing the grind for most of the new content in the game. I haven't run SUBHL because I'm lazy, and I started grinding the Diaspora raids pretty late. Faa is mostly a breeze nowadays, but I've yet to attempt soloing him because, well, I don't really want to grind the Eternal Splendor weapons so there's not much of a point. But speaking of grinds that are both unreasonable and wasteful in their nature...


Ya boy got his blue skin!

Why did I get it even though it wastes so many valuable resources? Well, if you consider my five sparks (this year only) that have given me none of the rate ups outside of me sparking them and the devastatingly low number of relevant grands that have dropped onto my lap in the course of doing so, there wasn't really much in the way of gold bar consumption waiting for me. This led me to, of course, become vain and beautiful and blue. I mean I still have a number of them stored in my shelf along with sunstones.


I just wish it had like better animations. Or that you could actually use the Eternal Splendor weapons with the skin. Pretty counter-intuitive to not let it be the case if you ask me. 

As for the sparks I mentioned, the targets were the following:

1: Cidala (rip Fediel)

2: Yuni (for Harmonica)

3: Yuni, same banner (for my second Harmonica)

4: SVajra (because she's cute)

5: Wamdus (like bruh rip my summer units and parasols)

The gacha has not been going well for me LOL

As for things I'm working on, I'm trying to clear most of the Replicard missions. I finished a ton of them when I was zooming through like 75 episodes of Black Clover in 3 days and 15 episodes of SAO, but my experience in SAO has been mostly mediocre as of the present, so it demotivated me to do more tbh. I need to finish it though... eventually...


Last updates I wanted to note were that my crew still places Tier A (thankfully), that I switched to mostly primal grids now with the exception of wind (although I still use magna because stamina-enmity use cases), and that these are my ringed characters as of now:


Now excuse me as I try to hit Mugen... and maybe SUBHL? :illyasmug:

Edit: I looked at my ringed characters and realized I didn't give an update on maybe one of the biggest grinding aspects of the current game. I did transcend my eternals, but because of the slow influx of lapis lazuli, I totally forgot about it after doing the grindiest parts.

Here's my current progress on that too:


Edited by Kosakyun
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