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Don't Forget our Esports Dream - SC2VN Prequel

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Team Eleven is happy to announce our next visual novel, Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream, a prequel to SC2VN set in the Brood War era of South Korea’s professional StarCraft scene. 

Developed over two years by our team, SC2VN released in September 2015 to acclaim by eSports veterans and newcomers alike. The story of Mach, a foreign StarCraft 2 player that put it all on the line, was one that many fans told us they resonated with. The response was one that we had hoped for, but the demand to learn more about the world of eSports and the struggle that its competitors contend with went beyond our expectations.

A sequel to SC2VN was never part of the plan. But you, our fans, have made it clear that we have stories left to tell. We agree.

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Experience the peak of Brood War through the eyes of a young and idealistic up-and-comer, Sung-hwan “Bolt” Lee. Beholden to the idea that only the best players deserve to live and train in South Korea, Bolt contends equally with setbacks and triumphs in the chase for his eSports dreams.

At his side is Chae-young “Jett” Song, a former darling of the Korean Pro-Gaming Association and an estranged childhood friend. A year after her departure from the professional Brood War competition, Jett continues to make her living on StarCraft on low-paying local tournaments and betmatches. Together, she and Bolt strive to become champions and to resolve their differences along the way.

Journey to rival PC bangs, international tournaments, the offices of Korea’s top eSports officials, and into the booth at the highest level of professional StarCraft. We’ll reveal more info about our setting and characters throughout the week!

The game will feature

  • Larger gameplay and narrative scope from its predecessor (we are shooting for 3X) 
  • An authentic story that is true to esports fans, but also relatable to a general audience
  • Player choices for both dialog and StarCraft strategy
  • A glossary of StarCraft and esports terms for new players
  • Galleries for character and background art
  • Steam Trading Cards and Achievements






















Like SC2VN, you won’t need to be a StarCraft esports expert to enjoy the game. Our previous game appealed to both hardcore StarCraft esports fans and also people who would otherwise have never been interested in StarCraft esports. Our Steam reviews are full of people who went into SC2VN skeptical and came out as new fans of esports.

We developed SC2VN with a budget of roughly $7,000 after Kickstarter fees, most of which went to art. We stretched the budget to its limits and delivered something that exceeded our own expectations, and we’re looking for the opportunity to do it again. 


When will this game be released?
We’re shooting for about a year after our Kickstarter finishes, around May 2017. The Kickstarter is set to launch at April 10, 2016 and will conclude in May.

Is this a dating sim?

How much will this cost?
We plan for Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream to be $14.99 on Steam. Backers will receive the game at a discounted price.

Is there a demo?
You can play SC2VN on Steam to get an idea of the base we are building on top of. We will reveal new gameplay details about Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream during the Kickstarter phase. 

Do I need to know about StarCraft and esports to enjoy this game?
No, like SC2VN, Don't Forget Our eSports Dream will be crafted in a way that even people who know little to nothing about esports can still enjoy the game.

How can I help support this project?
Aside from backing our Kickstarter, the most helpful thing you can do is to spread the word and tell your friends about the game.

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We're almost halfway done with the campaign at are closing in on 40% of our goal. We've got a few friends we're reaching out to in order to keep the momentum going. It's going to be close, but I'm confident that we'll fund.

If y'all have any questions about the project or campaign, don't be shy to ask!

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With three days to go, we're 77% of the way to our base goal. If you've been holding out until the end to support Don't Forget Our eSports Dream, now is the time to act! We're pumped to continue developing the game, but it can only happen if we reach our goal.

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