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Anime Movies w/ Death as a theme

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13 hours ago, Funyarinpa said:

philosophically: Persona 3 The Movie (play the damn game instead, but you asked for anime)


A lot of deaths occurring: Umineko (again, the anime is trash, play the VN), Higurashi, Death Note

Watchin the third movie today. Dun like them too much... too rushed imo. Im sure the games are better

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18 hours ago, Silvz said:

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni? Maybe Jigoku Shoujo [it is not death itself, but people being sent to hell and stuff]

When you say death you mean something filosofical and stuff or can it be a Murder/mystery?

It can be a Murder/Mystery.

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17 hours ago, DarkZedge said:

I don't really know of many movies of that sort...For animes you got quite a few but movies mmmmm.

If you seek animes aswell i'd say you'll be fine with higurashi or Another to start with, I'll do some research into the movies though to see if i can find a good one :sacchan:

Thank you~ Im researchin on my end too.

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