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Hi everyone!

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Hello and welcome again to the Fuwanovel. I thought introduce myself at 41st post was quite late, and here we had a veteran who reintroduce himself at 2,300 more posts (Not that I said it's wrong to be friendly though, and his situation was different though). Oh, nice picture of Natsume Rin there (Although solidbatman slightly dislike it though).

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2 hours ago, Clephas said:

Welcome back.  *Clephas smiles as the blood of ten thousand nekololis runs down the marble steps of his temple*

Not the Nekololis! what kind of horrible sin is that...killing such beautiful creatures :komari:

Also, welcome back...even if I haven't had the chance to meet you talk to you before.

Welcome! :sachi:

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Hey there, Hello, How are you doing, Greetings, Yo, How's your day, Notice Me Please, I have a kitty here!!! :mare:


Well with that drama outta the way. :illya:

It's nice to meet ya schboomer, first time meeting you, newbie here so don't know everything, for shame, it'll be good to have old new faces here to run into on the fuwa so i'll see you around and Welcome Back!!!

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