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Dracu-Riot! Completion Project

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6 hours ago, ninja_leetful said:

so, are we getting close yet?

As far as Dracu Riot goes, there's already unofficial leaked translated if you want to play it quickly. But if you wait for fully edited translation, here's what Decay said back in last VNTS.


I’ve gotten a fair amount of Dracu-Riot editing done, but that’s about it.

As for getting close, I don't know here but hopefully it is.

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That doesn't elaborate on why anyone would see the handling of this project as shady, unfortunately. 

I haven't responded to a lot of accusations because honestly, there's very little point when many of the complainers simply hate SP or fanTL licensing in general. What I'll say is that I genuinely dislike deceptive PR practices and I tried to be as honest as I could, but I really couldn't tell people that we were contacted when we were. Despite that, I still wanted to let people know how the project was progressing. What I said about the early patch release was true: it was in rather poor condition. Poor enough to upset me that it was the version everyone seems to have played, like they all saw my rough draft and judged the work based on that, and not my final, polished product. In any case, no work has been postponed as a result of any dealings with SP, and in fact, I am working on the project at this very moment (I'm taking a break to post this).

The finished product will look very different from the patch that was released earlier, and I hope people enjoy it. :)

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