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Looking For Save Files


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So I got a new laptop because my old laptop is poop. After I thought  I transferred my save files, I factory reset my old laptop to get rid of a virus. However I only transferred one folder. So in the end, I lost all the save data that were in there. Can I get save data's for the following vns?
-Hoshizora no Memories
-Grisaia no Kajitsu
Thanks in adv!

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As for save file, it was like bigfatround0 and aristotll said, you could just use sagaoz. But, let me help you with the download link from sagaoz though. As for your request, I didn't know if you already 100% all of your requested game or not, but keep in mind that all save was complete with 100% CG. Oh, eden save file was not in sagaoz nor when I searched using Google, so good luck to replay it again I'm suppose.

Hope it'll help OP here.

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