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Pithy VN Descriptions

Fred the Barber

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3 hours ago, Turnip Sensei said:

Wow, those are pretty great!

I especially like the Inganock one, it captures the feeling and themes of Inganock so well. 

Thanks :D

I've now finished all the ones I'm going to make (probably), but one more that was worth sharing came out of the process:




3 hours ago, ittaku said:

To heart 2 - The original donkan harem.

Trust ittaku to handle To Heart 2 :sachi:

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On 22/03/2016 at 4:24 AM, Fred the Barber said:

Trust ittaku to handle To Heart 2 :sachi:

Heh well it is my job to keep the project alive... this is the 8th year it's been alive and I don't plan to forget about it any time soon till it's done and dusted.

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On 3/13/2016 at 1:31 AM, Fred the Barber said:

Awesome! This is actually helpful for something I'm working on, and I'm going to directly use a few of those.

Oh, and by the way, even if somebody's already done one, feel free to do it again. I'm betting this is the sort of thing where you can get a few completely different takes on the same thing.

A few more from me:

  • Fate/Stay Night: Magicians and their Heroic Servants battle
  • Symphonic Rain: The rain never stops.
  • Deus Machina Demonbane: giant robot vs. eldritch horrors

Still working on a good one for Majikoi...

It's quite late but you did summon me.

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