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I am recruiting writers for my visual novel project. So far it is only me and my artist and we can't handle all the writing ourselves. This will be my companies first game so if you want to get into this industry I would love to help you. Sadly you won't be paid for your contribution unless plans change down the road. We have just started so there is no concept art yet, but once we get some I will post it. I want to have determined people on the team with good communication skills and are able to talk at least once every couple of weeks or so with the rest of the team through Google Hangout or something similar. I am the the one writing the code and the lead developer so you will be working real close with me. 

I will be able to send anyone interested a document showing how I'd like everything to be formatted so it will be easy for me to transfer what you send me to the code.

If you are interested let me know and I will send you the e-mail where you can get a hold of me.

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Just a tip man, first get shit done. Get art, get the story, an outline, get anything, then look for people. If you are not paying or don't have any previous work as background, waiting for someone to appear to just help you it's just a dream. And even if that person appears, the chances that the team dissolves in weeks or months are huge since the problems working with a team (especially one you don't know) are always there. Expecting someone to join a team to make a visual novel they don't even know what it will be about (mystery, romance, comedy?) it's not a good idea, since that person probably prefers to work in his own ideas and stories, just as the user above me.

Oh, and of course, forget about getting a good writer without anything to show. That's just beyond impossible.

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