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I just started reading...


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indeed XD. kuroinu is the most mediocre, yet mentally relaxing eroge i´ve ever came to read. best suited for those in need of sth to help them calm down from an overly stressful day, without risking to get emotionally agitated in the process. its basically like literary haloperidol, only difference is you´re still able to fap like some monkey and one with functional genitals WILL fap

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12 hours ago, DarkZedge said:

Reaper...i always thought about it but never said anything....your picture is a bit....

basically it´s all about his fiend-ish majesty keep on proselytizing those, whom refuse to renunciate believing in integrity of body and mind, with his royal sceptre.

edit: a thausand thanks, she´s pretty dinky, isn´t she?
edit2: shouldn´t take mg that long anymore until the completion of its.

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