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Unlock all Dorei to no Seikatsu -Teaching Feeling events

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Correct me if I'm wrong about these requirements, I'm taking guesses based on some minor testing:


First night: Self explanatory

Kitchen 1-3: Has a chance of happening if Sylvie is wearing the night gown when the day ends. Probably doesn't trigger if you play any other H-events the same night.

Outdoor 1-3: Have Sylvie wear the idol dress and go out into the forest. When taking a break, you will be then offered a second option which will trigger the event.

Oral 1-3: Gained automatically as affection goes up.

Bottom right three events: Triggers when several days go by without any H-activity. After a few days go by, Sylvie will talk to you about not having had sex in a while. You will then have the option to go to sleep or have sex. The latter will lead to the first of the events. If you deny her request and wait another couple days, she will mention the subject again (which will unlock a CG), and you again get a similar option to before. Accepting sex here will unlock the second event. Finally, if you again deny her and wait a few more days, the third event will automatically trigger after going to sleep.

Although I haven't tested it, I believe that adding pink flowers to the afternoon tea will speed the above waiting process up slightly.


For the kitchen/outdoor/oral events, you will unlock different scenes depending on how high Sylvie's affection is. Unlocking a higher requirement scene however, will automatically unlock the previous scenes as well (for example, triggering kitchen 3 straight away will automatically unlock kitchen 1 and 2 as well.


Hopefully I got everything, ask if anything is unclear.

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hi every one, i wat to share some information that you may consider useful,  rose heat the bdy so the level of lust is incresed just by drinking tea, an de blue ones decrese de lust level (dont know hwy anyoe wold do that) and by the record whit the tow drugs you can make her cum at least  6 times in one night, well a just been playing it for 3 hours so i just achive 2 memries any help whit the others ones,  afecction 800, and lust 200.  thanks :)

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On 12/03/2017 at 7:31 PM, machetazoo said:

and by the record whit the tow drugs you can make her cum at least  6 times in one night

Happens 19 times here, close to 20, morning comes and they stop :v

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