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Aldebaran Prima - 1st Beta


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Hello guys, i want to present you the first beta of the game i've been working in since a while.


Aldebaran Prima


The synapsis goes like this:


"In a world where humans and Youkais fight for survival, a group of young heroes will rise up to try and stop the chaos, however they'll find things are not quiteas simple as that."


So far the game only contains the prologue and chapters 1 and 2 (chapter 3 is almost ready but for story balance purposes will not be released yet), i'm releasing this preliminary beta because i need opinions about the overall art, ui and the such.

Please do keep in mind the following:

    - I'm not a english native and because of this you're bound to find some grammar errors that slipped out of my sight and the hundreds of  grammar checkers i ran the dialogue in, i did my best to make the narrative as fluid as possible but if you find something's not quite right now you know why; however should you find something that makes no sense at all please do let me know, that'd be a major problem; if everything goes well i'll try to get someone to proofread and edit the text for next releases.

    - I've been practicing drawing female sprites for a while so i'm confident in my skill, still I'm very aware for some reason i suck at drawing males so please bear with it. Again if everything goes well i'll try to get someone to draw them.

    - Irina isn't supposed to have such big boobs (i tried my best but it always ended up like that), as well as her CG in chapter 2 isn't supposed to look sexy, please do let me know if it looks out of place and i'll redraw it from scratch

    - The backgrounds were taken and filtered from several of Norn's galleries so a few of them might look weird given the context, i wanted to use Norn's work but i guess i'll have to change them latter on.

There are some little bugs that i haven't been able to fix, they aren't actually noticeable and certanly won't harm the game but still i've gotta list them:

    - For some reason the Hystory log will always show what some character has said at the bottom even though the narrator has spoken.
    - The Encyclopedia hyperlinks are currently not supported while in Hystory log.
        *both of these bugs will be fixed when i make my own Hystory log (as soon as i manage to do such a thing).
    - If the player opens up the encyclopedia and saves the game, the encyclopedia screen will be shown in the save thumbnail, not actually a bug but it shouldn't behave like that.

The game's size is only 100 mb and it shouldn't take up much of your time so please do give it a try.
Thanks for reading and see you around.



Screenshots here since i can't resize the images, and they're huge.

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