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Animated Novel【Beastly Crusader】

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Hi, everyone,


I have made an animated novel 【Beastly Crusader】and would like to hear what you think.


It's a story combines animations, interactive movements and effects, supporting 4 languages and work on both cellphone and tablets. 


Hope you enjoy this new reading experience and help me spread the word out if you like it!




【Beastly Crusader】Trailer:
Google Play - https://goo.gl/LiJs7L
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I'm not exactly sure if this is just advertising or needing opinions, but oh well

It looks interesting, looking at the trailer, but not really enough to pay ~5€ at Google Play to just to let you hear my opinions, sorry.

Anyways, even if I'm one of those, it doesn't mean that it isn't worth it. I'm sure it is, but it just doesn't seems to be for me.

It seems nice enough to be played in a tablet or a phone, all things concidered

Also, if you're asking for opinions, provide the public with a free demo, or it'll just look like advertising

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Sorry if that's not getting your interest, I've spent a lot of time and work really hard on this...


Compare with traditional comic/manga, or visual novel,

I have put a lot of effort on animation, special effect and interactive control, and also lots of extra work to make it fited into various platforms (iOS, Android).


Anyway, if anyone is interested and would like to try it and give me some opinions, here are some promo codes for free demo:


iOS: (iPhone, iPad)



Android: (Phone and Tablet)



Hope to hear your feedback!

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Hi, I played it and the art & story is pretty good. I can see that alot of effort is put into it especially the fight scenes. I have never watch a interactive story with a app before, it is interesting.

I think right now you should promote your game even more if you haven't :)

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Hi, Choo5d,


Thanks for playing and giving the comments, I am glad you like it!


I did put a lot of effort in story, character design and effects.

For the fight scene a lot of thought have been put into flow, the environment, and how reader interact with it to bring in a better reading experience. 


I am also trying hard to promote it now (but not easy when there's so much choices/big titles nowadays), so please help me to spread the words out too!


Thanks again!

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