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Recruiting Chat Moderators

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With it becoming more regularly used, Fuwachat is becoming a bit understaffed.

We're reaching out to the Fuwanovel community to help moderate the content in Fuwachat in order to keep a pleasant atmosphere for everyone else there.

There's only 2 major requirements for the position:

  • You need to be be online fairly frequently
  • You need to live in a timezone outside of Europe/Africa

Right now most of the moderators live in European timezones so we're looking for American/Asian/Australian residents to help fill in the times where we're all sleeping or going to work. (By American I mean the continent, not just The USA)

What you get for becoming one:

  • Access to amazing, super secret sub forums
  • The possibility to uncover Fuwanovel's deepest, darkest secret
  • Lots of :salt:

If you feel like you can do it, post in this thread or send me a PM with your reasoning (no need to write a huge paragraph) and availability.

An annoucement with the new members will be made once we've gotten enough people.


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So, is the time zone requirement absolute?

I was a chatmod for a week in the form of chatmod-chan and felt like I did a pretty good job. (Did not accidentaly ban anyone :makina:)

Wouldn't mind continuing it.

I'm very grown up and sensible when it comes to kicks / bans. I would never just jump the gun on the ban hammer, but instead inform the person they have broken a rule, and make sure they understand that.

I'm on fuwanovel like... All my free time, so I'd be active a lot, though it would be during day time, and I do live in Norway, which is in Europe so ... Yeah.

I've been a forum moderator in the past so I'm used to responsibility and wouldn't ever abuse my powers, like stated above. 

Thats it I guess.

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The timezone is important because if we only recruit people from Europe then no one's around when we're sleeping. Even if you're on all day (I myself am on pretty often), there's still a time where you're inevitably sleeping or at school/work.

Not saying we might not need people from Europe in the future, but right now I think we're pretty good on that front.

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I don't know how my future in being a part of this mod team is gonna work out, but I'll just post this here:

My GMT is +2

I am usually online 5:00 AM-6:00 PM on weekdays, and 6:00 AM-8:00 PM on weekends, sometimes even later, depends a lot.

Stll rather new to this Forum, but I'll do my uttermost to contribute somehow.


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