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What happened to Corpse Party 2


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Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient, released in Japan as Corpse Party 2: DEAD PATIENT (コープスパーティー2 DEAD PATIENT / コープスパーティー2 デッドペイシェント Kōpusu Pātī Tsū Deddo Peishento?) is the latest installment in the Corpse Party survival horror adventure game series created by GrindHouse (a dōjin circle consisting of members of Team GrisGris) for PC. It is known under the abbreviation DP in Japan. This game has inspired drama CDs, a CD single, and various merchandises.


Awoken from a coma, Ayame Itou, a sophomore in high school, found herself on an operating table in an unknown hospital. EKG suction pads, tubes and a drip were running to various meters and monitoring equipment that all led back into her body. It felt like she had just awoken from pre-surgical anesthesia, but for some reason, there were no doctors in sight. As she slid herself off the table, Ayame realized in horror that most of her own memories had vanished.

What happened? What is she doing here? Groggy from the anesthesia, she staggered out to the hallway. Bright hospital lights lit the way, it was a sight you'd see in any hospital anywhere. The odd part was that there was not a soul around. Patient records and clinical charts were strewn all over the place, and the plants were toppled over on their sides. The scene reminded her of a riot. Fighting against her rising sense of panic, Ayame set out to escape from the hospital, yet... 

So far, only one volume has been released on May 29, 2013.


The last thing I heard about this game is about almost 3 years ago. It's a very hyped game for corpse party fans back in those days. The game was released by volumes which means you need to buy the next one in order to continue the story like a book which also implies as a marketing strategy to gain more money but the problem is the next volume of the game didn't came.

So what happened? What happened to Grindhouse the company who made the game? Did they cancelled it?

I don't know if anyone know any answer for these questions but if you have any info I hope you can share it to us. 

Their main website is still fully functional same with their twitter account... and we're putting our hopes on that fact to say that the game is STILL not cancelled so we can keep hopes up. I hope we can receive some news about the game this year to assure the fans that their hype is not DEAD yet.

The last thing related news to Corpse Party 2 was of the insert song single「DEADPATIENT」/HoneysComin’  for Chapter 2 which was meant to be release last May 2015 but sadly it was cancelled.

You can listen the song on this link: 




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15 minutes ago, Decay said:

What happened was that Chapter 1 was extraordinarily buggy and they decided to redo it on a new engine before moving on to Chapter 2. I don't closely follow corpse party news so that's about as far as my knowledge goes. 

I heard rumors about that last year. I see... so it was true. It seems they want a new fresh start for this game and patch everything up before they announce anything new.

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So currently as it is going, Team GrisGris has no further announcement for chapter 2. However, the official twitter for Corpse Party DP has announced the oncoming remastered chapter 1 is to be released this July. It would be called Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Neues with new software engine and slightly different contents, so be sure to stay hyped!


source: https://twitter.com/corpse2_gh/status/859767334851837952/photo/1

Oh yeah, remember to check their twitter in case there is going to be any further development. Also, they have some other good stuffs like drama CDs and irl events announcements.

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6 hours ago, Spartan977 said:

Oh man, I totally forgot about this game. I loved the two PSP titles, here's hoping that Dead Patient is better than the mess that was Blood Drive.

The PS Vita exclusive title is a sequel and conclusion to the PSP games.

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