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Hello everyone!

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hello, nice to meet, I'm new here, is more recently registered this afternoon and I  thought it would be good to introduce myself hahah.

mmm, well, first of all, I am Hispanic, and my English is not fluid or good but I hope you will forgive.

I'm a neet (okno haha) I like the light novels, I have what is almost a year in this visual novels and so far has delighted me! my favorite visual novels so far are Rewrite, princess evangile and dracu riot. And I can't wait to read Clover Days and Karumaruka Circle as well as many more. With this brief introduction, nice to meet everyone!

PD: I almost forgot ... I'm editor of images and video, so feel free to whisper me for help.6j78jbE1W2eHbxtXpZSxgnZvw23Yb.jpg

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3 hours ago, Kiriririri said:

Welcome :miyako: 

If you ever learn Japanese, I recommend reading Hatsuyuki Sakura before Karumaruka Circle because Karumaruka has many jokes you can only understand after reading Hatsuyuki Sakura.

Thanks. I'll read it in a free moment :DD

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12 hours ago, Flutterz said:

Welcome back to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay!

How did you find out about VNs?

Have a moe:


Hidden Content


Hello, and thank you very much.
I found the VN's because a friend who always spoke about them. Thanks for the Moe :DD :mare:

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