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[Project dead] Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. Translation Project

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Sekai project announced an official release, so this project is dead.

-- Old post --

Hello everyone, welcome to the thread of the translation project for SMILE's visual novel "Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma." or Koikuma for short.


Project Info

Project website: http://koikumatranslation.github.io/

Current status: Trying to find main translator, everything related to actual scenario translation and editing will begin after we've found someone.

Progress: Working on interface patch, already done with the translation of more than half of the interface, interface patch should be released sometime in march.


Game Info

The game is a nukige with pretty art by Sayori.


More ingame preview images in spoiler below:






VNDB: https://vndb.org/v17515

Official Website: http://s-mi-le.com/ponkotsu/



"My virginity is under fire!"

Located off the grounds of the regular campus is a special dormitory designed as a rehabilitation resort for useless, failed, and generally good for nothing otherworldly creatures. It is here that our protagonist finds himself employed for tending to their needs.

Surrounded by cute girls like his succubus-childhood friend Riria, NEET bro-con angel sister-in-law Emiri, cold-sensitive snow-woman Yuu, stripper mummy Aruru, and dimwitted witch Miyabi. Will the protagonist's virginity stay intact for long?



Team Info

I (Porygon2) do all the technical work for the project (hacking, image editing, patching, etc.), we are currently looking for someone who could be the main translator and also still looking for editors, which brings us to:



-Translator: We are looking for someone who could be the main translator for this project

-Editor: We are looking for editors for this project (If no one can be found, I could do that myself aswell, though I'd definitely prefer to have another team member for editing.)


For anyone interested in being a translator/editor: I have already created tools to simplify the process and autogenerate status updates, see the spoiler for a preview.


Preview of translation tool:


I will have a similar tool ready for editors with a field for the edit and room for editor notes.

These translated (+edited) scenarios can very easily (will probably automate it in the future) be used to generate patches, preview of the patch generated from the scenario above in game:


If you're on the team and have any suggestions or want custom features, I can easily add them.


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1 minute ago, Scorp said:

Share tools sources somewhere like github, could be useful for some other game with same script format.

The encrypting methods for the tpm of the game can be found here: https://github.com/Porygon2/KoikumaTools/blob/master/src/main/java/me/porygon2/koikumatools/xp3/KoikumaTPM.java

The source for extracting the script format is pretty messy, I didn't write it to publish it (if you really want I can PM it to you), but there are already tools to extract those scripts, one can be found here: https://github.com/number201724/krkrpsb (Doesn't include all the features my scenarios have, but they can easily be added by exploring the tree structure if you know what you're doing.)

I might publish the source for the actual tool for translation after I've added features and prettied it up, but it doesn't include anything that decodes script formats (just reads autogenerated scenarios and gives a way to edit them).

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5 minutes ago, Scorp said:

Ah. that's just a kikikiri2, never mind then. As script is just a text file, there is no real need in editor you created, that seems just for convenient purposes. I thought game used something more sophisticated...

That's not entirely true, the engine is KirikiriZ and the scripts are in a packed format that is absolutely not human readable (and doesn't have a great design, but oh well). The editor is not really needed, could have used plain text files, but I felt like it was a convenient enough improvement for other project members to create.


3 minutes ago, Asonn said:

Well good luck on the project

Thank you very much!

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3 minutes ago, Porygon2 said:

That's not entirely true, the engine is KirikiriZ and the scripts are in a packed format that is absolutely not human readable (and doesn't have a great design, but oh well).

Okay then. Yes, krkrz is not the best thing around, but as you mentioned before it have already decompilers around, so seems really no big need for your tool sources.

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>Nukige illustrated by Sayori
You sir are a saint. Bless you.

It's pretty cool that you actually designed a tool solely for translation and editing purposes as well, I'm sure your team members will appreciate it (I know I would, ever since I've started working with excel sheets I've never gone back :P)
I also love that the screenshot showing it off is an h-scene where someone is looking at someone else's penis.

Hope you find the right people for the job.

Moved this thread to TL projects as well.

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  • 2 weeks later...

There hasn't been any public activity on this for the past ~2 weeks because I wasn't able to log into my fuwanovel account due to technical issues, those seem to be resolved now though.

Update of what happened in the meantime:

  • Project now has a website: http://koikumatranslation.github.io
  • I've been working on an interface patch and am more than halfway done - interface patch should be released in march, likely around the middle of the month.


Translation won't start until we've decided who will be the main translator for the project, the website has line counts for individual scripts and a total if you're interested (can be found here).

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  • 1 month later...

A bit later than anticipated, here's the interface patch: http://koikumatranslation.github.io/permalink/patch/interface/patch2.xp3

It translates most of the interface along with adding some small improvements like an option to skip the prologue and 'uncensoring' of thumbnails, etc.

It is compatible both with installations that have and those that don't have the official version 1.1 patch, however using the official patch is recommended - you can get it from one of the mirrors listed here.

To use this patch, simply put it in the game's directory - let my know if you find any errors or experience issues.


Also, since we unfortunately couldn't find a translator, the project will be stalled until someone is found for that position (so, realistically, the project is dead).

If anyone stumbles upon this and is interested and qualified, everything's ready for to resume the project and start translation - please contact me for more details.


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19 minutes ago, Luftastik said:

Did you try advertising this on Reddit? /r/visual novels takes very kindly to recruitment pages and I am almost sure you could probably get some new staff that way.

Highly doubt it. The only reason the community has been positive towards the AB translation is cause they already have a translator.

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  • 2 months later...

Although I have no prior experience, with some more details on how editing works and some of my own experimentation I'd love to be an editor.

This VN seems way too good to remain untranslated, and besides knowing I'd help out somewhere would be amazing. I hope we find a translator soon.

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