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Basics of VN translation

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Hi guys! :3 This is my first time here ^^ I was wondering long time ago how to do a fan translation of a VN from english to other language (because I don't understand nothing of Japanese XD) and I searched, and searched... AND I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING! D: Well, at least I found this blog where you can help me, right? RIGHT??? (-ok stop-) So this is everything I wanna say! ^^ Hope you all help me out! See ya ~

P.S: If there are any errors it's because I am Portuguese, sorry :P

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If the game is translated into English, one thing you can immediately do is ask the original translation team if they'll help you since they know how the game's engine works and what you need to do to patch it.

If you can't do that though, first you need to extract the scripts from the game you want to translate. If you can't do it yourself you can always try to find someone who's willing to help.
There's several methods to extract scripts and it all depends on what game engine your game uses. You might want to check out this thread for info on this stuff.

Once you have the scripts in a format that lets you edit them, you can start typing away and translating them into your native language.

It's advised that you have someone else with you that will check your translations and also someone who will work on editing to make sure the text flows nicely.

Once you're done translating, you'll need to repack the scripts into a patch that can be applied into the game.
Again there's several ways of doing this and they all depend on your game engine. I would suggest asking for help on this step if you don't know how to do it.

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Welcome to fuwa Leonor. 

What vn are you thinking of translating? Maybe I can give you a hand. 
There are some really easy ones, like narcissu or sharin no kuni where you don't have to do anything except unpack the file and pack it again and others are a bit hard because they have installers so you either have to ask the fans who did the translations in the first place, which is easier said than done, specially if it is an old one also some groups are not very friendly... 
Also there are some amazing users here in the forum who can help you out doing the hacking in the thread that nosebleed pointed.

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