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FuwaFM: A Podcast About VNs, Revived!

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So yeah... It's been a bit over 4 months from our last episode, so I thought I'd take this as a chance to readvertize give the newbies a chance to check out za podcast. Me and a group of friends use this podcast as an excuse to talk about VN stuff, and if ya'll want to listen, you now can! While we've always had a specific topic to talk about, we couldn't really come up with one for this podcast so I hope that doesn't annoy anyone >_<

What did we actually talk about, you ask? Well, a lot of stuff... The main question was "What have you been reading lately" and we basically got sidetracked approximately a spitzillion times. VNs talked about include Comyu, Rewrite (spoilers included, BUT I added an annotation to skip it so YOU'RE WELCOME), Grisaia, Monster Girl Quest, Hoshizora No Memoria, Shikkoku No Sharnoth, Kamidori Alchemy Meister, and whatever Zaka was reading. As for actual topics, I guess we talked a little about metric systems (kek), OELVNs, RPGs vs VNs, which then went into a dispute over what a is a game? (is life just a game?!)

Here's the actual podcast:-


Here's all da podcasts:



PS: If you're planing to watch the podcasts from the start, DO NOT watch the first podcast, the quality was shiet then. I'd recommend not starting earlier than the 3rd episode.




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