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Greatest Visual Novels of All Time


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I thought this would be a fun thing to do as a community. As a whole, we'll put our top 5 visual novels that we each think deserve to be here and compile them into a list for the entire community. We'll call it "The Greatest Visual Novels Of All Time according to Fuwanovel."

Here are my choices for the list- G Senjou No Maou, Sharin No Kuni, Grisaia No Kajitsu, Majikoi, Saya No Uta.

English Only List

1.      Grisaia No Kajitsu- 13 votes

2.      G Senjou No Maou- 11 votes

3.      Steins;Gate- 9 votes

4.      Fate/Stay Night- 8 votes

5.      Rewrite- 8 votes

6.      Majikoi- 6 votes

7.      Sharin No Kuni- 5 votes

8.      Planetarian- 4 votes

9.      Narcissu- 3 votes

10.  Saya No Uta- 3 votes

11.  Umineko- 3 votes

12.  Little Busters!- 3 votes

13.  Comyu- 3 votes

14.  Irotoridori no Sekai- 3 votes

15.  Clannad- 3 votes

16.  Kara no Shoujo- 3 votes

17.  Muv Luv Alternative- 3 votes

18.  Katawa Shoujo- 2 votes

19.  Chaos;Head- 2 votes

20.  Ayakashibito- 2 votes

21.  Yu-No- 2 votes

22.  Higurashi- 2 votes

23.  999- 2 votes

24.  Danganronpa 2- 2 votes

25.  Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc- 2 votes

26.  Ever 17- 2 votes

27.  Remember 11- 2 votes

28.  Eden- 2 votes

29.  Cartagra- 2 votes

30.  Phoenix Wright series - 2 votes

31.  If My Heart Had Wings- 1 vote

32.  ArNosurge- 1 vote

33.  Rose Gun Days- 1 vote

34.  Hanachirasu- 1 vote

35.  Phantom Of Inferno- 1 vote

36.  Hoshizora no Memoria- 1 vote

37.  Gahkthun- 1 vote

38.  Ef A Fairy Tale of the Two- 1 vote

39.  Nekopara- 1 vote

40.  Imouto Paradise- 1 vote

41.  Virtue’s Last Reward- 1 vote

42.  Koihime Musou- 1 vote

43.  Sengoku Rance- 1 vote

44.  Tsukihime- 1 vote

45.  Eiyuu Senki- 1 vote

46.  Hyperdimension Neptunia series- 1 vote

47.  Bunny Black series- 1 vote

48.  Princess Evangile- 1 vote


Japanese Only List

1.      Irotoridori no Sekai- 3 votes

2.      Dies Irae- 1 vote

3.      Muramasa- 1 vote

4.      Ikusa Megami Zero- 1 vote

5.      Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no- 1 vote

6.      White Album 2- 1 vote

7.      Dracu-Riot- 1 vote

8.      Aiyoku No Eustia- 1 vote

9.      Mashiro Iro Symphony- 1 vote

10.  120 En no Haru- 1 vote

11.  Baldr Sky Dive series- 1 vote

12.  Subahibi- 1 vote

13.  Seinarukana- 1 vote

14.  Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o- 1 vote

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Alright, this sounds kind of cool. :sachi: My five picks as of right now:


1. Grisaia no Kajitsu

2. Kono oozora ni tsubasa o hirogete

3. Maji de watashi ni koi shinasai (Guys, is it written "koishinasai" or koi shinasai?" Both seem to be used quite commonly.)

4. Planetarian

5. Eden*


8 minutes ago, Ariurotl said:

I'll postpone my vote until I have read every single visual novel in existence. Watch this space.

:amane: ..

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Change the title to the best translated ones and it might work... most people here have only limited knowledge of the untranslated (mostly stuff a few veterans and I introduced).

Personal preferences set aside...

Translated: Grisaia no Kajitsu  To be honest, if I were to go with my hungers, I probably would have gone for Ayakashibito or FSN... but Grisaia is easily the best - speaking as objectively as possible - that I've seen. 

Untranslated: This is a lot harder... because I've played so many. Personally, I'd love to recommend Evolimit as the best of all time, but if I were to try to be objective, it would be Dies Irae, Soukou Akki Muramasa, Ikusa Megami Zero, or Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no (not really possible to narrow it any further, as they are all masterworks in their individual styles and areas). 

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i have read nowhere near enough to make a decent top 5, so feel free to do with it whatever you like

1. planetarian (surprise, isn't it)

2. saya no uta

3. clannad

4. narcissu 1st

5. that was all the great (9+) ones, so i'll have to say imouto paradise because it's just great porn


good luck with that list though, nice idea

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Choosing 5 is quite a lot considering I haven't read that many VNs yet, but here's my personal top:

1. Rewrite

2. Umineko no Naku Koro ni (even though I haven't finished Chiru yet, I've seen enough to put it here)

3. ef -a fairy tale of the two-

4. 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors

5. Little Busters!

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