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Kira Kira true ending question. SPOILERS


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Maybe that's the case, if so then I don't really remember any more. Anyways, regarding the normal end not having any point, I dunno, I thought it was kind of interesting. Plenty of games have bad ends, but not many have a story about how the protagonist has to cope with the aftermath. It's a unique enough story that I didn't really dislike.

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I don't like the true ending at all, it was kind of bland and the fact that it needed a sequel to get (much needed) closure doesn't speak for its quality either. The bad/normal route on the other hand is probably my favorite VN experience period. No matter heartbreaking it was, that was quality on each and every corner.


But to answer the question, I'm pretty sure she did not in either version.  

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I rather enjoyed Kira Kira as a whole as it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for at the time. Good Ends, True Ends, and Bad Ends the game was enjoyable. I definitely agree with the other people that the normal kirari route was probably the most interesting route in the game. As far as the question of whether Kirari went into prostitution I'm pretty sure she did. Did she not quit her job because her father had found a better paying job for her? If I remember correctly she refused to explain the details of the job but explained they needed to put their relationship on hold until the family situation improved. What I can't remember is how long it took for the fire to happen after that.

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I think the fire happens almost immediately after they have their talk in the normal route. Not that it really matters since the end result is still the same. God damn hospital scene broke me.

In the true route the fire does not happen because they drag on the time she has until she starts with a few day, claiming she is on her period (I assume she is just lying to them about her having her period, but I could just be overthinking it). Her father still eventually has his breakdown but he seems to have it a bit later instead because of it. 

Personally I think the normal ending is good but I feel like I'm one of the weird people that prefers the true ending. But I'm also a bit of a softy that likes happy endings. As long as they don't feel too forced at least.

Also while we are on the subject of Chies's route being a bit weak. I liked the route because of Chie herself being a pretty likeable and relatable character and her being voiced by one of my favorite voice actors certainly does her no disfavors. But the route itself did feel a bit aimless after they returned home, compared to the other two routes. Felt a bit surprised when it suddenly ended. I was not aware that I was reading the ending until the credits suddenly rolled. 

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