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New to the Fuwanovel Forums and have a few questions!


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Hi there.

Just curious as to why some of the Clannad Visual Novel editions are rated 15+ and others all ages? I'm pretty sure there were no H-Scenes in Clannad as it was released as an all ages game originally?

I'd just like to make sure as I'm going ahead and purchasing both Clannad  and Tomoyo It's A Wonderful Life from Amazon. (Both Memorial Editions) Are these versions full voiced? Also, is the Clannad game edited from the original to the Memorial Edition? I know that for the Tomoyo game the H-scenes were edited out and finding a physical copy of the original release is near impossible. 

...and yes, I do know that Clannad is available via Steam.


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Are good questions, I answer ... but I have not seen clannad (do not know if I will see after the anime is sensational), over the age believe that varies from site to site, is Why Not use different concepts to evaluate, and has +15 versions is because it is sensationalized, but not enough to nothing extreme. About the voices I believe that all clannad games have, but as I said I could be wrong, so always look for how much memory it weighs as voices use some of VN Gbs.

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Ok so I could not find info on the tomoyo after but the Clannad memorial is fully voiced. I would immagine the tomoyo is as well, but cannot confirm it.

As for the rating on Clannad being 15+ on some versions, from what I can see that is for the non PC versions and it might simply be because those platforms use a different age rating system. Maybe some light violence, mature langauge or romantic parts bump it up on those platforms due to them being primarily owned by children. Don't quote me on this, as its just my guess.


Do keep in mind though that if you buy the memorial edition and not the steam edition you do have to patch the game with the fan translation, which is a lot worse of a translation compared to the one available on steam, and I do not think the content in the two is very different. Might be smarter to get the steam version, though it's your call of course.

As for tomoyo after, I believe it can be patched with a patch available online if you want to restore the cut content.

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Games released on console or mobile require a specific age rating to be given to them in order for them to be sold, that's why all the non-PC Clannad releases are rated 15+.

If you buy a game on a console you'll always see it has an age rating done by some entity like ESRB, but most games on PC really don't get rated because it's not a requirement for them to be legally sold on the platform.

A non-PC game can get an official rating of "all ages" though (ESRB E rating) but for it to achieve that it can't have mature themes like Clannad does that aren't suitable for children.

PC games are, for the most part, unrated unless they contain sex scenes. All ages here is just another term for "unrated with no sex scenes".

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I know you didn't ask this, but like Dergonu said, you really should rethink your plans - the fan translation patch of Clannad is generally considered quite bad. I personally had a pretty negative experience with it - I hit a couple of bugs, even in the short time I spent playing it, which eventually drove me to drop it: notably, some names (yes, more than one) were missing translations, and at one point while I was playing, the music simply stopped and never resumed. I played another 30 minutes, and tried things like saving/closing/resuming the game, for about 30 minutes before I just gave up the game entirely (it turns out it's pretty eerie playing a VN with no music).

On the other hand, the official Sekai Project translation on Steam is really pretty good - certainly no bugs. I hit a moderate number of typos, but I was playing it early and I know they've patched it since the time I finished playing to address user-reported issues like that.

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