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What is your favorite heroine?


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Favorite characters are not waifus, obviously. You don't marry the one you like the most but the one you truly love, which is not necessary the same.

That said, I probably read too many VNs so I don't think I have a favorite heroine superior to all other favorite heroines. I better go to the Top 5 Heroines thread instead, lol.

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A lot of love for KiraKira in this thread. Well another one for best girl


She pulled at my heartstrings too many times for me not to mention her.

On 2016-01-23 at 5:42 PM, Valmore said:

Ha! Kira*Kira with the trifecta! Now we just need someone to love the protagonist in nun drag...

Just for you.



Be honest. How can you not want this girl as your Waifu?



Oh yeah



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