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Anything like manga and Anime not from japan?

Dark Ariel7

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Is there another culture that has something like it? Obviously almost every country has cartoons and comics. What I'm talking about is the quantity and quality, not to mention the culture that comes with it. I tried chinese stuff just recently. It was sadly lacking. A couple of shows I liked but the chinese hardly make anime. The koreans are in the same boat. I know and dont particularly care for american comics and cartoons. The Japanese can't be the only ones with this stuff, right?

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I've read some pretty cool korean comics in the past, but sadly outside of that realm I don't know anything else.

These are also generally webcomics and not printed mediums.

In a way these are really refreshing because they steer away from typical Japanese manga/anime stereotypes and it's like reading a completely new type of story.
The artstyle can also easily impress you sometimes.

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The closest cartoon I've personally watched (that I love) that is quite similar to Japanese Anime has to be Avatar: The Legend of Aang (LoA) and its sequel series Avatar: The Legend of Korra (LoK).

Most western cartoons are just filled with random non-coherent episodes without an overall story or arc, which is why I stopped watching cartoons and later switched to watching anime, since they do usually have an overall story to tell with coherent episodes that actually feels like progress is being made and characters are being fleshed out and developed.

I grew up watching LoA, but I didn't truly appreciate it until I grew up and went to college and then decided to watch the entire thing from beginning to end. If you can get past the really childish goofy gimmicks that children shows are full of, you'll actually find an amazingly intricate and deep emotional story full of character development and hardships with a great emotional adventure. I personally loved the character development of Prince Zuko and his Uncle Iroh.

LoK to me, is perfect. It's a much more mature LoA, it feels like the show kind of grew up with its original target audience, and the story can get surprisingly dark for a kids show at times, and the animation was absolutely beautiful. I'm hoping they end up creating another Avatar in the future, but an even more mature version to make it feel like it's grown up more like LoK felt with LoA. Hopefully it's not with Nickelodeon, otherwise that will be impossible.

Anyway, if you haven't watched or given Avatar: The Legend of Aang and Avatar: The Legend of Korra a chance yet, I definitely recommend it to you. It's the best cartoon I've ever watched, and really does feel more like an anime. Beautiful story and soundtrack, interestingly complex characters with great development, and one big amazing emotional adventure. ^_^



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On a different note, there's the Disney comics loved throughout the globe, I think that in Italy they dig that stuff. May be too childish for you though. I'm talking of Donald Duck and the rest of the very well known characters.

Marvel and DC too, but with a distinct feel you may not like.

Comic books, especially European ones, have good entries but they lack a cohesion as a whole, they're very diverse.

With animation, the 80s and early 90s were like the golden era of Western animation, with nice things as My Little Pony, Wildfire, Pirates of Dark Water, Space Rangers, and in the French department Ulysses 31, Jayce et les conquerants de la lumière and then some more. Nowadays you may want to take a look at Adventure Time or Regular Show.

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