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I thought it would be good to introduce myself as of now

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As I have been delving more and more into this community, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce me, before I delve too far.

So, I'm Arcadeotic or just Arc, a VN-fanatic from the north. I have been lurking in this community for about a year, a little more than how much I have been playing VNs. But as I haven't really posted anything, that is kinda irrelevant. Anyhoo, how I started at this medium was watching Sakurasou Pet no Kanojo maybe, 1,5 years ago. Then i got into little more anime, then into manga, and then into Light Novels. I truly got into this community 11-ish months ago in the start of February, 2015. I know how many people start with easy, short Visual Novels and KS, but I started with, funnily enough, Princess Evangile. I was browsing Youtube, and I saw how some channel was playing PE. I watched an hour or two, and then right after bought it. Then I basically was locked in my room for 5-6 days. That's basically my origin.

Now it has been almost a year. And I have collected about 70 VNs, beaten over 45, learned Japanese decently enough and made myself a part of several communities.

I must say I'm happy for what I've gotten in under a year. And now I may try to grasp something even greater. Now that introductions are over, I can say, Thank you and I'm looking forward to our future patronage and collaboration. See you again very soon.


- Arcadeotic

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Holy macaroni, he has achieved more in a year than 99% of us since... well, ever.

Btw, you made an account and introduced yourself. You have already delved too far. There is no escape anymore.

He also got the cool gaylord doctor from Dracu Riot, so he has my approval as a new member.

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