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Eiyuu*Senki GOLD Help/Info Thread


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As Eiyuu*Senki and Eiyuu*Senki GOLD are completely different games, I thought I'd make a separate thread so there is no confusion as to which game is being discussed.  

First off, if you have a moderate amount of Japanese, as in have watched anime/played galge for a years, you'll find that the interface patch is enough to get you through the game and not miss as much as you'd think.  If you've trying to learn kanji, reading along as the lines are spoken is helping to take me from "sounding out" words in kana and kanji to seeing whole words as I do in English.  If you played and liked the first one, the lack of a full translation at this time isn't the hurdle to enjoying the story you might think. 

The help/info thread on Bunny Black was a great asset to me when making my way through that game, so I thought I'd start something similar for Eiyuu*Senki GOLD, although you shouldn't expect this post to have as much info as the amazing OP did there.  I'm still making my way through this one.  I have a few things to share that might help people as they struggle through it. (^_-)

Q:(Insert area here) is too hard and I get creamed right away!

A:I hit a few of these snags in the first game.  The easiest/cheapest way to deal with this is to take the 1 action every 5 turns approach.  Accumulate as much money as possible and constantly pour it into more troops for your core 6 characters.  Using this approach I've steamrolled just about everything in my path in the main quest up until this point, with only the EU, Babylon and Dark Area to complete.  I saved up all of my events and ran through them 1 every 5 turns before my imminent invasion of the EU and now have 6 characters over 20000 troops and close to 20 million gold on hand.

Q:Why can't I conquer Irkukst no matter how much I attack it?

A:Do the character events you have stockpiled.  Eventually you'll get a mission in Sendai that will come up with a plan to deal with this.

Q:Why can't I invade the EU?

A:Same as a above, when the story progresses enough you will get an event in Sendai.

Q:What is the best way to get the Strategy King achievement?

A:You can do what I did and go balls to the wall for the first 50 actions of the game, which gets difficult in a few points, or save up a bunch of events with the girls and then run through them all when not at war with anyone.  This one seems to be a bit on an anomoly, as I used up all of my action points on 50 straight turns just to make sure I got it, and the graphic never appeared.    

I also have a few questions if anyone would be kind enough to help me out. (^_^)

On the 6th floor of Shambala you fight 6 Montezumas with 333,333 HP each.  How are you supposed to beat them in 50 turns?  I can't believe that you're supposed to waste enough time to get 6 characters 300k+ troops each.

What's the deal with Wakuwaku?  When I pick one of them I get a super easy fight, nothing happens and the mission will repeat like that forever.

If you keep a hero in New Game+, do they keep the HP they gained during previous runs of the game?  And does the Seiso patch give you option to keep Seiso in NG+?

And for all off you hackers out there, create a patch that will let me trade Eiyuu*Senki Benkei for MajiKoi Benkei. (^_^)

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Hi there, I made a thread several weeks ago on Eiyuu Senki games, so feel free to post there too so we can help out the people who need it. 


Wakuwaku is basically just a place where you can beat girls around easily and undress them (dress break) when you beat them with brave techs, so you don't have to go to Shambala and fight their harder versions. Other than that, there's no merit clearing these. 

Montezuma battle involves just draining their brave points and stacking venom and poison. I had Benkei alone in the front lines with Orichalcum (-1000 damage) and Soma (20% auto heal per turn) to tank enemy hits without giving the Montezumas any Brave (Spear is weak to knuckle that's why). Then I had Cleopatra and Nero poison the Montezumas while Wayna Capac and Palademes draining their Brave Points to force them to use Sacrificial Altar. I had Jeanne d'Arc wipe out any survivors with La Pucelle Act. Also note if you do this on Nightmare Mode, the Montezumas have 999,999 HP, so it is going to be close and you will need to pay attention with which Montezumas still have poison/venom on them.

I think it does but I'm not too sure. When I used the carry over options for NG+, most characters had fixed HP, like most of the Illuminati having 14k+ or so HP. Seiso still requires you to clear her quest if you want to get her back in NG+. It becomes available as soon as you conquer Taika (China). 

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I have some more info to share that isn't on the Wikidot site with a lot of useful info. http://eiyuuwiki.wikidot.com/

On the issue of heroes in NG+, heroes do NOT keep their HP from previous runs of the game.  They are assigned a fixed number that varies with the difficulty you select.

The Seiso patch sadly does not add the option to start the game with Seiso. :(  

The final bosses (both in Mu and in the game) are either very easy or very hard, depending on how you decide to fight them.  If you slug it out it becomes a race against getting eaten which is difficult, but winnable.  Or, you could have Palamedes suck their brave away and use attacks that add wait time.  Before the fight was over I had unlimited turns combining wait +30 attacks and Palamedes brave stealing technique.  

Very hard cranks up the difficulty in two major ways.  You can no longer freely waste turns to get money from your cities.  Any turn without an action point being used is an immediate bandit attack.  Also, HP and troops appear to have a hard limit of 9999.  My heroes with 9999 are not gaining HP, and attempts to buy more troops than that results in my money being gone without any new troops coming in.

The get all items achievement appears like it is going to take 4 runs through the game to get.  As some items require multiple levels of synthesis I've been ending the game with the items that require the most fusions.  On my third run now I still have about 5 items that can only be made through synthesis missing.   On strange/awesome thing I noticed on hard was that right after I used Tetrabiblios and Almagest (items acquired during Galileo events) Seimei was immediately selling them!  I don't know why she suddenly had them in stock, but if there's a way to manipulate that it should be possible to get the all items achievements in fewer runs.    

Does anyone know where Archimedes is hiding?  I've been through the game twice and have managed to not find her anywhere while doing every event.  That's speaking for normal and hard difficulties, doing very hard now, in case she only shows up in the higher difficulty levels for some reason.

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According to the Wiki "Keep Archimedes" is the bonus between Keep Charlemagne and Keep Copernicus, and is coincidentally the only bonus that is locked after beating the game and not finding Archimedes.  


They also list her as Macedonian in the character section for GOLD leading me to beleive she has to be hidden somewhere.


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Archimedes is earned at the start of a turn after selling 30 items to the shop. You can easily buy back the items once you get her, so you're not losing anything besides gold. 

@EcchiOujisama: Very Hard and Nightmare modes are for speed running so they aren't ideal unless you can carry over everything to a new playthrough. I had to borrow one of sagaoz's saves to do it. It's really hard to do a normal playthrough on it because I've seen enemies easily reach 30k troops by 100th turn and it's not fun fighting those because they can easily kill you in a single normal attack. Also, the troop multiplier seems to apply in dungeons and Shambala as well, so yeah.... that 6 Montezuma battle I mentioned earlier, those have 999,999 HP on Nightmare mode... :wahaha: 

THE FINAL BOSS IS A FREAKING JOKE IN GOLD!!!! It's probably the easiest battle in the entire game. She's so dumb because she just wastes her turn trying to use that mass debuff skill which has some serious wait time. You have all the time in the world to interrupt her over and over again with critical hits and she won't be able to do anything. Just slap in Achilles with Dagda Mace or Ishigawa Goemon with some reduced delay and critical gear for her Flash Kill and you're all set. I fought her on turn 200+ something and she had 540k HP but it was nothing but an HP sponge that I easily depleted within 5 turns. I also had Faust, Nero, and Cleopatra to venom/poison/grudge/curse/seal stack her, and she's losing like 100k HP per turn, which is pretty damn hilarious.


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22 hours ago, CeruleanGamer said:

Archimedes is earned at the start of a turn after selling 30 items to the shop. You can easily buy back the items once you get her, so you're not losing anything besides gold. 

@EcchiOujisama: Very Hard and Nightmare modes are for speed running so they aren't ideal unless you can carry over everything to a new playthrough. I had to borrow one of sagaoz's saves to do it. It's really hard to do a normal playthrough on it because I've seen enemies easily reach 30k troops by 100th turn and it's not fun fighting those because they can easily kill you in a single normal attack. Also, the troop multiplier seems to apply in dungeons and Shambala as well, so yeah.... that 6 Montezuma battle I mentioned earlier, those have 999,999 HP on Nightmare mode... :wahaha: 



More specifically, she shows up after beating the Macedonian-Mongolian Alliance if you have 30 of your items in Seimei's shop, or previously sold her 30 items.  Not sure which.  Either way, never would have guessed that.  おきに.

The heads up that Very Hard and Nightmare are for speed running was definitely appreciated.  I was taking it slow in Very Hard, one city per turn to maximize gold having idea there was a troop multiplier based on number of turns.  My RPG sensibilities tell me it doesn't matter when I kill them, as long as I do.  Not so much in the strategy world apparently. lol  I'm trying to take 4 cities per turn on Nightmare now and am always super broke.  That EU/Dark Area marathon was no fun on Very Hard and will probably be less so this time.  Sometimes I hate my need to earn every achievement myself.

I'll go so far as to say Very Hard and Nightmare are probably impossible without most of the NG+ bonuses.  Can't say much for Hard mode, with just about every NG+ bonus outside of action points and 1 battle per turn my team of Hercules, Achilles, Cu Chulainn, Siegfried, Atlas and Jiang Ziya made it much easier than it was the first time.

I d on't even want to think about doing Shambala on Nightmare.  That was enough of a pain on Normal. lol

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I got to the 9th floor of Shambala on Nightmare mode and it's just way too hard because it's 10 battles in a row and you only have 9 characters to cycle through unlike in original where you have access to your entire roster every battle.

The Knights of Round battle have about 20k+ HP units and whenever you kill someone, they get replaced by someone else who suddenly sneaks in above the turn order so theyll cheap shot you out of nowhere if you're not prepared....Thats just way too difficult to deal with. Also for some odd reason, there's a turn limit in Gold's Shambala which makes it even more of a pain because I can't use my turtle strategy with immortal Siegfried (-70% critical damage + 20% per turn heal + Balmung).

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A few tidbits of information on Nightmare for you guys.

Both synthesis and the shop are gone.  It shouldn't matter as you've likely already done everything needed in both places by the time you start, but you never know.

Skipping a turn is a big no no.  In Very Hard you got bandits immediately if you skipped a turn.  Now it's a fight with an overpowered Yamata no Orochi.  However, reading Himiko freak out about it makes me smile.  Somehow I think she'd have the same reaction if she asked Takeru to get somebody's pet off of her lawn. lol

I think just about every NG+ benefit is a requirement, not an option.  Right now I'm playing with every benefit except Magoroku and keep items sold to the shop and I'm STILL running out of people with enough HP left to do anything.  I can already tell that doing the EU and Dark Area back-to-back is going to be so much fun (sarcasm).    

When I fight Balin she has 27000 troops.  When I get Balin 17001 of them suddenly decide to do something better with their lives.  That hardly seems fair.

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Yeah it's silly that the cap exists. Like in the original Eiyuu Senki, the cap is 9999 troops but it goes over if you gained the troops from victory bonuses. In GOLD, they make mvp bonuses pointless in higher difficulties because it's still 9999 cap no matter what...

Also would anyone be interested if I make a tier list of characters especially based on their Very Hard/Nightmare mode performances?

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I am always in favor of more useful information.    Nightmare is very appropriately named.  I am finding the best way to deal with it is to win a battle or two and do something else for a little while before continuing.    

Does anyone know if the option to prepare for Russia and avoid the 1/2 HP loss is still around in Very Hard/Nightmare?  It never showed up in my Very Hard run.  Can you take Russia through the backdoor via St. Petersburg like you could in the first game?  I haven't had any luck finding a way to do that yet.

Has anyone tried leaving half of the EU untouched in Nightmare, going right for Carthage and then to Johannesburg?  It seems Napoleon would attack you more than it would be worth it on her turn, but it's a nice thought.

For now I shall patiently await Eiyuu*Senki Gaiden: Sextreme Beach Volleyball as the next blockbuster release from TENCO.  The tagline shall be: TENCO and Tecmo team up to create the ultimate in jiggle physics!  A man can hope, can't he? 

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There no Da Vinci "heater" event for the soldiers in Eiyuu Senki Gold, so you gotta suck it up with half HP for the most part. I pretty much saved Russia for last until I got most of the useful characters I needed and had Sun Tzu's passive skill (+50% brave to all allies!).

I don't think there's a backdoor either in St. Petersburg through Helsinki, and for some reason Helsinki is a pain in the ass the conquer because there's this thing called White Death or something that has 400% Sniping with very low delay, can target anyone in the field, and it has like 20+ on all its stats. Not to mention its allies have turn delay moves which set you up to get wiped out by this cheap son of a bitch.

Leaving many countries unconquered past the main route or conquering territories intersecting with several unconquered places like Vienna or Darwin will cause you to get attacked a lot. Getting attacked a lot is almost mandatory if you want to survive Nightmare Mode, because enemy attacking troops barely recover their health if you beat them the first time in Defense phase and it's the best way to raise your troops vs buying them with gold which eventually gets absurdly expensive. Enemy troops attacking you will only recover 10% of their HP per turn, so you can pretty much kill them in 1 hit if they dare attack you again, and give you easy S rank troop/gold bonuses and MVPs. This was how I was farming most of my gold while beating the low HP clones in Wakuwaku for easy troop gains for the last 1k troops. Also Marco Polo's Il Millione and Magic Mallet are your friends in Nightmare Mode, so get them AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

@EcchiOujisama BTW, is it OK if we merge this thread with the general Eiyuu Senki general discussion thread I made here: 

I'll ask a mod to merge it for us. 

I'll just copy/paste all the useful information on the 1st post so it will be a 1 stop shop for all Eiyuu Senki information. 

Lastly, I'll work on that tier list/character details tonight. I pretty much been working on it as I was playing the game, so I could just do some minor touches on it. ^_^ 

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2 hours ago, wyldstrykr said:

do you know how speed, wait and delay works in both original and gold version? thanks!

Speed determines turn order and has a linear influence on turn delay. That's why Achilles almost attacks at least 3 times before most enemies gets their turn. It's pretty much linear. If Achilles has 18 speed and is using Kick which has 75 Delay, she will act at least 4 times as often as someone who has 9 speed and using 150 delay moves.

Delay is the cooldown of a skill. Even an average speed character can act very often if they are using low delay moves. This is how an average speed character like Ishigawa Goemon can keep up with Achilles in turns because Flash Kill and Zantetsuken only have 50 delay. With Wings of Icarus, she will only have 30 delay for those moves! Billy the Kid can get a 0 Delay with Quick Draw and can get infinite turns as long as she generate brave, which is quite easy to do with Sun Tzu's passive in Gold (+50% Brave Generation), Akashic Records (-1 Brave cost for skills) and doesn't hit attribute bonus (hitting weakness doesn't generate any brave).

Wait is the "cast" time. It's the same as delay in regard that someone using a 50 wait move will take just as long to use the move as someone who just performed a 50 delay move to act again. Speed has no influence on Wait, so the only way to reduce this is through -Wait items (if you manage to reduce your Wait to 0, the skill is executed on the same turn it is selected) or the 1 time 0 wait item. Note that critical hits landing on someone who is on "wait" status will interrupt and cancel their moves and they will need to use that move again when they get their turn.

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On 1/15/2016 at 5:57 AM, wyldstrykr said:

maybe my question is wrong... but which item is better? a +1 speed or a -5 delay?

also using spellbind -30 wait delays the users affected by it....

+1 speed in most cases. Like if you add a -5 delay item to someone who is using 120-200 delay moves, it barely does anything but if you add it to low delay move using characters like Ishigawa Goemon, then it helps significantly. It's good to stack though.

Also Spellbind is +30 delay, not +30 wait. I think the interface patch corrected this in Gold.


Edit: Made into a blog instead.

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Alright, I completed the tier listing for all characters in Eiyuu Senki Gold. I mainly focused on their utility in Very Hard/Nightmare modes, so you can easily see which characters are worth investing on if you're trying to speedrun through these modes.



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I thought I'd share some information on how to get all of the achievements, now that I have all of them save for finishing Nightmare.  I won't go into detail on the achievements that are obvious/basically automatic (like clearing your first mission) but will instead look at getting as many points for NG+ bonuses as possible on your first playthrough.  Getting every achievement requires beating the game at least 4 times.  Sometimes you'll get a graphic alerting you that you earned the trophy when earn it, other times you won't at seemingly random times, but you will earn the achievement either way.

01 - Novice Hero - Unmissable, just clear one mission

02 - Conquer Zipang - Again, pretty much automatic

03 - Colonist Spirit - Make sure you conquer the USA instead of buying it, although you may still get it if you buy it 

04 - Northern European Hero - Conquer the EU

05 - Gentleman of the UK - Conquer the UK

06 - Seaside Town Domination - Conquer Vinland (notice a theme on these yet?)

07 - Charisma King - To get this one you need to recruit all of the heroes.  As long as you don't skip anything on the map you'll get this automatically.

08 - Lewd King - For viewing all H scenes, you'll get this as long as you do all of the events

09 - Apprentice Combination Master - Just combine items one time and you'll get this

10 - Alchemist - You have to combine all combinations of items together and make everything that can be made once.  You CAN get this on your first run through the game if you combine everything to the highest level of of synthesized item.  Sometimes items you synthesize will also show up in Seimei's shop, so check to see if you can buy your original items back.  Notably this happened on a later run with items from Galileo's events.

11 - Avid Collector - Have EVERY item in the game in your possession at the same time.   It will take a minimum of 4 times through the game to get this if you always get every item that is available and always combine items as far as possible on each run through the game. 

12 - Thriving Business - Buy everything Seimei has at one point so there is no longer anything in the store, pretty much automatic

13 - Destroyer - Dealing more than 10,000 damage in one attack, Hercules is a lock for this

14 - Master - Destroy 6 enemies in one attack, Atlas' Orichalcum Punch is a good one for this

15 - Veteran Hero - Take out 100 enemy units, basically automatic

16  - Strength of a Thousand Men - Take out 1000 enemy units, I didn't count as the game went along but got this on my first run and would also classify it as automatic

17 - Dazzling Fighter - Rack up 10,000 in bonuses from fights, another one that takes care of itself

18 - Vehement - Using any particular technique 100 times over the course of the game, liberal use of Himiko's healing early on will take care of this

19 - Millionaire - Have over a million gold on hand at any one time, happens on its own later in the game from my experience, or you can pinch pennies for a little while and get it earlier, up to you

20 - Loser King - Withdraw from battle 10 times, meaning you are attacked in a city you currently hold, lose, then choose withdraw.  I had to try to get this the first time as I stopped getting attacked after 3 withdraws on any continent.

21 - Sloth King - doing nothing for 30 straight turns, do it at the very beginning to avoid attacks from bandits

22 - Strategy King - USe up 50 action points in a row.  You can do it right from the beginning or save up some events with the girls and blow through them between conquests.

23 - Tactician - Conquer the Mu continent.  You'll have to do this a few times if you're going for the items anyway.

24 - Seeker - Conquer all of Shambala.  You only need to do this once for item purposes.

25 - Summit Conqueror - Conquer the 60 floor tower.  You'll have to go through it a second time to the 40th floor for the items.

26 -  Hurricane Fury - Beat the game in 100 turns or less.  Not recommended for the first playthrough, but with a fair amount of NG+ perks you can take 4 cities on almost every turn with no problem.  Much easier than it sounds.  I suck at strategy games and did it on Very Hard.

27 - The Hand of Fate - Beat it on Normal

28 - True Hero - Beat Hard 

29 - Legendary Hero - Beat Very Hard

30 - Eiyuu Senki - Beat Nightmare

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