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Greetings and meetings from the land of chocolate, beer and waffles~

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Hello everyone,

First and foremost: Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this introduction thread, I would give you a cookie but sadly they were used as tributes for someone. My name is Bart, a 25 years old (gods it does start to sound old those days) man living in Belgium. While I'm not the best with introductions I'll try my best not to make everyone fall asleep. When we get onto real life subjects I'm afraid I won't be able to provide you with any exciting tales. I'm just an ordinary everyday person, trying to live life the way it goes, and chasing my childhood dreams. I'm still living with my parents (partly because I'm Autistic and have only recently started to become independent enough to be able to consider the idea of living on my own). Aside from that I got my younger brother staying in the same house, two abandoned cats who were taken in several years ago during a stern winter and since then became part of the family, and one cat who thinks he is a tiger. On terms of interests I tend to have the type of interests most people here likely are familiar with. Video games (whether Japanese roleplaying games or MMORPG or visual novels), manga and anime.

On terms of manga or anime I'm particularly fond of comedy or fantasy settings, and if there is any yuri involved then it's an even greater bonus for me. My first manga was Mahou Sensei Negima, and my first anime was Ah my Goddess!. On terms of visual novels my first one was Ever 17 (Tsugumi Komachi shall forever my favorite heroine of that game) and on terms of story I would likely say Tears to Tiara or Utawarerumono have been the most memorable for me due to my fondness for fantasy.

I'm a HUGE fanta addict, and usually a fanta bottle is more than enough to keep me happy for the rest of the day. Hmm what else to say... I learned English primarily through self-study, hence my grammar is rather flawed in some points, but I keep trying to improve myself ^^ That aside my reason for joining Fuwanovel is two-fold. The first, and perhaps foremost reason is to get the chance to talk and get to know people with similar interests, that seem to be plenty over here. The other side is more related to my childhood dream.

You see, I have always been incredibly fond of stories, especially those of the fantasy genre, and one of my most favorite ways to pass the time is to daydream my own adventures, and sometime hope to bring those stories to the world for people to enjoy. Of course, the courage to take initiative, and the determination to chase your dreams all the way is the magic that turns dreams into reality (I wonder how many will notice the quote from a certain game I hid in there...). In the end this childhood dream of mine became a reality when I started to team up with a professional manga artist who was interested in my project, and through the connections I obtained from that I found myself getting a team of sorts. Of course, when you end up getting the interest of some businesses that see potential in your work, then you arrive at a point where a childhood dream becomes an endeavor you have to take serious, and aside from the fact that one of my stories will be having its first chapter published end January, the conversations with those businesses led to things to expand. There were talks about the idea of developing a game alongside the series (obviously super exciting when it's an actual game development studio that suggests it), but what made me even more happy was that the project was also returning to its roots, in the form of a visual novel (that unlike the aforementioned game would be developed more internally.)

Yet one of the things I always considered incredibly important when I started this project was the fact that I wanted it to be something that would be of a high enough quality that the readers would be satisfied for the time they spend experiencing the story, but also to be something that the team could be proud of as a whole. Certainly, there are some ways to secure a certain sense of quality. For example by hiring skilled artists to ensure the art is something pleasing to the eye. But at the same time all of you, considering that the visual novel genre is so dear to you know that just art or fancy music doesn't make a good game, right? You need good art, good music and equally important: a good story to draw you in. Especially the last bit was important to me, because with myself being in charge of the story, not to mention working full-time on the project as a writer I was quite to acknowledge my own shortcomings. My self-taught English was far from good enough to deliver the type of writing people would expect in a visual novel, and in the end I secured the aid of a skilled and (in my opinion) amazing lady who doesn't just work on the project as an editor, but due to her career also functions as a writing coach and a creative adviser. For example ensuring that our plot doesn't get filled with enough holes to make a block of cheese feel jealous, to keep all the characters their personality consistent over the entire series and to provide feedback and suggestions on the story as a whole (alongside ensuring that the prose feels natural and yet eloquent enough that it pleases the readers.)

But there is one more thing that would be considered an essential ingredient to make a visual novel have the potential to become great: The feedback and critic of those who have read so many visual novels they could almost (or perhaps they even can) consider themselves an expert on them. To learn the opinions and ideas of those people, to learn what they like and dislike about various things would become a key factor in helping me improve my story even further.

And that's what became my second reason for joining this forum. Anyway, thank you for reading this likely way too boring introduction, and please look forward to the revelation of my project in greater detail soon (and in the right area ^^)

Short version:

Guy from Belgium says hi, hopes to get to talk to people and hopefully create a series with the help of some people he is working together with.

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Yes, our beer is terrible (the reason I never even tasted a glass, but that's cause I dislike beer in general.) but when people hear about my country they often end up talking about its beer =P

And of course you can \^_^ Brussels waffles for everyone~ (I really could go for one right now, but at midnight that's a bit late =P)

The only thing you can't get is my waifu >_>

ahem~ Thank you for the welcome ^^

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I greet you with my evil power.

Emerge here, oh starlight engraved in the heavens.  We are a glittering shooting star.

Though I know myself for a fool, to the end I will ever know myself, for I am the arrogant king of beasts who prays for the ruin of all that is noble.

Eat the meat of humans, be tainted by evil (said in command form).  Unable to resist, sincerely, sincerely, I desire the fall of the gods.

I desire that all that is solid in its brilliance fall into ruin without exception.

What emerges from my mouth while I gasp in agony are ten thousand curses.  What I devour is one hundred million hopes.  Die! Die! Let all become garbage!

My flesh is that of a demonic wolf.  Even now that my fangs have been drawn, they continue to ache.

Scream of vindictiveness, echo in the heavens, howling emptily into the darkness!

Metalnova- Silverio Cry!

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Welcome to the forum! Your project sounds interesting, that is like every creative guys' dream; being noticed for what you do and actually get rewarded for it. I look forward to hear more about it in the future :sachi:


and if there is any yuri involved then it's an even greater bonus for me.

Wise words sir. Wise words. I approve! :makina:

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