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Is it possible to keep all CGs/savedata in any way if by any event you need to format/buy a new computer?

Most Vn's have their own save data folder in your documents folder inside a folder with the name of the Vn..that's what i've seen and known  by my own experience. Also it is possible to copy the save files and save them to a pendrive or external drive then after you buy a new or format the computer and reinstall the Vn move them the folder and should work ( i've done it for a few Vn's) that being said i don't know if it's the case for all Vn's...

I know it works with the Majikoi series and few others i've done it to

Hope i was of any help :sachi: good luck

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This is the reason I play my VNs from my 5 TB External Hard Drive. Easy plug and play.... BOOM! Done. They aren't that expensive too, you can find them for $100 or less and it will last you 10+ years. 

Being mostly a laptop user, having to format/buy a new computer and transfer all my shit EVERY TIME is just way too darn annoying. 

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