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[problem] I can't post in an open thread

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Hi, guys and girls.

I've been playing Clannad, and using the walkthrough from the forum. However, it is very outdated and the formatting isn't the same for all of it - and some instructions are VERY confusing.

But that's not my problem here. When I went to post about it in the Feedback topic from the Walthroughs area, I couldn't post in it, although it isn't locked - and was supposed to be free to everyone to post on it, right?

Is it a problem with my user permissions? Or just that sub forums' problem?

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Walkthrough threads are pseudo locked to members, we just dont belong in the permission group to post there.

Actually it used to be possible for regular members to post in that thread.

If it isn't anymore then I guess it's a collateral damage of some permission fiddling/upgrade to IPB4. I'll move the thread to unformatted walkthrough, see if you can post there.

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