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A Visual novel based youtube channel?

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So I've been thinking for a while. Wouldn't a Youtube channel dedicated to Visual novel/eroge: news, let's plays, discussions/podcasts, reviews, etc. be awesome? I've been thinking for a while and I think I have a way to make it work with multiple people on the channel. 

We could have roles assigned right like: 

Reviewer: Someone who plays visual novels and reviews them on the channel. 

Let's player: Someone who records and uploads videos onto the channel. 

Editor: (I'm also a editor) Someone who will be willing to take people's raw footage and edit it to make it more professional or more funny. 

Spokesmen: Someone with a clear mic and awesome voice to do the monthly visual novel update. 


Types of vids. 

Let's plays 


Visual novel update videos: Where we all work to make a script and the editors work to make an awesome looking video  once a month about; Visual novel fan translations, kick starters, visual novels that are coming out soon, etc.  

If you're interested in helping me, just send me a message with this information:

(P.s you can have more then one role if you want) 


Age: (Probably 15+)
Role: (Editor, let's player, reviewer, spokesmen?) 
Editing software & experience: (If editor)
Recording software & and type of mic (If let's player) 
Experience: (For reviewer) 
Type of mic: (Spokesmen)

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From what I have seen DCMA's are an issue, as well as the fact that eroge's have porn. Either play the all ages version or you would have to edit the sex out. Another issue is the commentating, there really isn't any gameplay at all in VN's, so people are watching for the story/personality. If the personality is talking over the story, then the people that want story are left out. On top of that if you take away the personality and just leave the story you might as well just torrent the VN, as there is no game play, once you get the story that's it. 

Reviews on YouTube would definitely be neat, news segments on YouTube would be cool, let's plays would be the biggest issue. 

Dizzy Ziddy kind of does let's plays, but mostly just Oreimo stuff. 

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i can be the reviewer but i wont buy random VN for no reason. i'm a developer so i always look for creative gameplay, the code, writing, and character development for each game.

Gender: boy

Alias: firecat
Age: over 9000!
Role: reviewer
Experience: i done some game reviews before, its been called "daily challenge" and some other stuff.

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