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Still waiting Protag X Forbesi

I`m totally ship those two. And for the game well its really so-so(And the sequel/spin off are still very so-so) but nevertheless i enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it aswell and like i said to me it's no master piece but far from bad either ^^ and lol

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Guh ... Shuffle! Essence+ limited edition is 9.5k yen on amazon. Thats before 3rd party shipping costs... My wallet cant take this :amane: (Damn you Nosebleed for making me want that version.) Any chance you want to buy it for me with it being christmas and all?

I absolutely love Shuffle!, Asa was also such a great character too. (Yes I just read through all the posts at this point and feel like my tastes are rather different)

That being said seeing as how she was my favorite, of course it heightened how much I liked the anime.

A fan of the anime and a fan of Asa? High-five! :sachi:

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